Live and in Color

I just wanted to share with you some pics of my "subjects" who listen to me from time to time. I have no idea why since I have no degree or authority to tell anybody what to do. For some reason they listen to me.

Here are pics of my sister in a JC Penney dress. It was $40 bucks and looked fab on her. You couldn't tell her NOTHING. I mean NOTHING. She is always ragging on me about finding clothes for sizes 16 and up even though she spends most of her time shopping online. GO Figure. Anyway, it's the ultimate Sexy Librarian Dress and she looks good in it.

The second set of pics is of my friend from way back. It's true that your best friends come frome high school...and we stiiiiillll together. (an In Living Colour throwback). She allowed me to tag along a few months ago while she went on a mini shopping spree to update her wardrobe. The long dress is from Torrid and she waited to rock the dress at the Color Purple stage play in Houston.

She threw on her own shrug and tank top and looked absolutely fly.

I am posting simply to show that we all have options no matter what size we are. Buy it. Rock it. Flaunt it:)

...and yes I had permission to post these pics of their Fabulosity. This is proof that REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES...Tell a friend. Pass it on:)



I am a middle child. If you don't know what that means...It means we don't like to share. We get tired of hand me downs from older siblings and tired of having to share with younger siblings.

This leads me to admit something about myself.

I have been selfish. People would ask where do I get some of my clothes and I wouldn't tell them because I wanted MY stores all to myself. Well, I have decided to play well with others and share where I get many of my coveted dresses.

It's a cute boutique in the Museum District (or 3rd ward for Houston natives) called Melodrama.

A friend of mine actually introduced me to the store years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. The owner Jackie is a delight and I was so impressed that she remembers her customers. At one point, I was going so often that she would note a few things that I might like when I would arrive.

She caters to the inner ecclectic in all of us. I'll be honest, I can't always afford everything I want out of there but best believe anything that I have purchased out of there is worth coveting.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop by...you will be impressed...not only by the clothes but by the personal attention you get. I love knowing that my money is going to a person that can actually put a name with my credit card number! Jackie does have sales and she throws great get togethers for her customers. I have been known to get a mimosa or two while shopping there on certain Saturdays.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing...Just thought I would hip you to something new in your life. Hint, hint...I wear a size 12 and I have a closet full of Melodrama's items so that she clue you in on her size ranges.

If you drop by, tell her I sent you...I don't turn blessings down even if they come in the form of a huge discount on my next purchase(hint hint Jackie:)

Enjoy...now let me get back to dealing with these insurance people about Hurricane Ike wrecking my kitchen floors:(


Cute in the face, Thick in the Waist?

I am in Houston and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike but I wanted to post a few more pics of spots for ladies with a little meat on their bones to shop:) I discovered IGIGI.COM, SIZEAPPEAL.COM, BANDLU.COM,KIYONNA.COM AND MONIFC.COM. If nothing else, this will save you from being forced to go to Lane Bryant ALL of the time:) Options...that's the name of the game:)

I lost power for a few days but it wasn't all bad because I had a family that took my psuedo-evacuee self in. Don't get me started on the term "evacuee"...that's what they call displaced residents in the south. I won't complain about that though because that's a step up from being called a REFUGEE. That's what they called Louisiana residents who were forced from their homes during Hurricane Katrina...the media is a trip! I digress...Anyway, I had my soon to be "new family" take me in and love me and feed me:)

Well, this weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy television again and I was watching a documentary on the History Channel about the real men of Sparta (ever seen the movie 300?). Well, long story short, millions years ago (or thousands...not sure), the men of Sparta were fighting the Persians...stick with me here...I am going somewhere...I promise.

Well Xerxes, the Persian King, wanted to beat the Spartans SO bad that he wanted his army to build a bridge over the Black Sea. So, Xerxes' army commenced to literally building a bridge ACROSS the BLACK SEA using old ship parts. A FREAKIN BRIDGE OVER A SEA! How is it that their 'back in the day' technology wasn't even a tenth what it is now but Centerpoint Energy can't get our lights on faster than 2 weeks...up to a month in some cases?

Crazy right! How is it that the Egyptians can make pyramids out of dirt and rocks and my friend who lives two blocks away from me still doesn't have lights!

Shouldn't Centerpoint Energy engineers read some ancient books on how to get the job done in a timely fashion!?!?

I digress...enjoy the slideshow. I am just tripping these days. I have cabin fever...Houston has a curfew because of the hurricane and power issues and I think I just need to get out of the house:) Not that I roll after midnight every night but I like having the options. I wouldn't do well in jail...I need to be free!

But in the words of Rev. Paul Jones...I WON'T COMPLAIN....atleast not that loud!


....wait wait wait....let me tell you one more quick story. My fiance' (still sounds weird, I'll use BF for now) went to a bar for hamburger earlier today. It was game day so it was extra loud and extra packed. There was the Texans game on one screen, the Cleveland Browns on another...you get the point.

Well the bartender, who ignored us for a minute by the way, took the order. When the BF sat down, I asked him what was our number. He pulls out the receipt to look and he saw the words DREADS printed at the top of the receipt. This ignorant a## waiter didn't even bother asking the BF his NAME?!? He just looked at his hair and chose to use that as his name? Is this not racial profiling or hair profiling or something close to it? I could NOT believe it.

Granted, we were the only BROWN people there outside of the cook and another lady but what was the harm in simply asking for a NAME?!?

We have been there countless times andwe know the routine so it's not like I was trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. We didn't say anything even though I wanted to..mainly because that cook can make a mean burger...but the point is that was a SHADY azz move! We have never seen this bartender before so we can't say it is the practice of the establishment but my goodness...DREADZ? Now,if that is his way of keeping tabs, fine...but don't PRINT it on the receipt. So if I were a bartender, should I not bother asking for a name and just say "oh, that dude limps so I am going to call him Peg leg?" That's not how it works!

I have the receipt right here and I am going to go up there tomorrow. I can not let it ride. I don't want anything free and I don't want to be uncivilized about it but I think it should be addressed.

Am I wrong?...doesn't matter what you think because I am going back regardless:)...but really, am I justified in feeling just a tinge "profiled".

As Amistad says, "GIVE US FREE!" I will update you on what happened:)

okay...I feel better...Amen.


Thick Girls Bible

I thought I would put together a little montage of what Thick girls need to do to achieve ultimate flyness! I just discovered Kiyonna.com! Oh MY GOD...Thick Ladies, You will be forced to worship me after you go their site! http://kiyonna.com/

First of all, do not get your wardrobe from one store! That is horrid! Mix and match. There is nothing worse than looking like you walked straight out of one store! Know that you might have to pay a little extra to get quality pieces. Now don't get me wrong, we all need a budget but sometimes splurging on "that" dress or "that" blazer is worth it.

Try to find a lot of different wrap dresses. The more curves you have, the more flattering a wrap dress will be:) Old Navy and Target are great places for wrap dresses. I personally wish I could swing a dress from Diane Von Furstenberg but I am on a TAR-JAY budget:) Kohl's and JC Penney are also great options. I know for a fact that JC Penney goes up to size 26W.

I would also like to introduce to you a designer by the name of Rachel Pally. Her pieces flatter everybody shape...well not skinny chicks! Finally something just for the thick girls!

Google her line, go to Nordstroms.com or even EBAY. Let me tell you, these are the MOST sexy and comfortable dresses I have ever worn. Basically, the designer created DANCER friendly pieces which focused on comfort and flowing with the body. They are curve friendly and I personally think they will stay in style.

The line is a little pricey but so worth it. I have gotten some from boutiques and Anthropologie but I also got lucky this summer and found one at Buffalo Exchange(thrift store)in Houston. You know I did a dance when I paid only $18 for that dress.

Here a few things you should know:
1. Believe in the power of the V NECK
2. Invest in Wrap Dresses
3. Invest in thin cardigans to pair over dresses
4. Invest in a tailored blue jean jacket and pop that collar
5. KNOW your curves.
6. Invest in sturdy undergarments. SPANX SPANX SPANX
7. Mix and match. Play with colors

(this post is specifically for my sister who claims I don't shop for sizes over 16 even though I shop for her all the time...if you think I am sticking my tongue out right now, you would be RIGHT) I will post pics of real people who rock the thickness and just add to this slideshow.

Dear God, When you are not busy saving souls...


I went to FASHION WEEK!!!!!! I am important!!!

Actually, the title is a little misleading. If you call sitting on your sofa at 6:30pm in your pajamas eating and blogging before a friend calls and invites you to a fashion show free before 9pm...then yes I went to Fashion Week. The truth is Boris Kodkoe, the hottie from The Soul Food Miniseries, was launching a clothing line and invited the public (the first 100 people could get in free). Let me tell you, I like FREE. I am proud yet embarrassed to announce that my friend and I were literally el numero UNO y DOS (first and second for all you slackers:)

My friend knows I am into clothes and invited me. Long story short, we got there first, we people watched, I got sleepy, took a couple of pictures and was back in bed to watch Will and Grace. I wish I could say that I am getting old but I have never been one to go out.
It was kind of cool to pretend that I was part of the media as a pretend blogger although I don't even have a camera but you couldn't tell me nothing. This was my 1st LEGIT fashion show. Church fashion shows don't count.

Supposedly Kid Capri was supposed to dj but when we got there, of course it was BUTT early so they had other dj's. I would call it a party if people were dancing and if the DJ didn't have a penchant for playing 80's Old School R&B. I am talking about songs like " Ain't nothing going on but the rent. You got to have a J.O.B. if you wanna be with me". (You have to be over the age of 30 to know that one right there).

Anywho, the show started and Sir Hotness...aka. Boris introduced the line. I am not quite sure how Boris is tied into the company but he was hustling. He even encouraged the average person to become representatives/consultants for the company...I guess kind of like selling Avon but not so much?

I don't know if it was his own brainchild or if he is just the celebrity spokesperson but he seemed genuine in his interest. The line is called ZIAMI and it is for men and women. I think the niche is for the everyday person to wear affordable custom fit clothes. Some of the stuff was cute...especially the men's line. Shirts were 30 bucks and suits were around $100 and up. The line also monograms all the orders for you...if you are into that sort of thing. It sounds like a great idea but something tells me they probably only go up to a "certain size' for custom clothes but hey everyone in the world can't be Real Woman sizes:) It's definitely worth looking into though because the prices were phenomenal and I actually like the stuff.

Anyway, I scooted my first in line tail right up there with the professional photographers and whipped out my camera phone. I dared anybody to make me move or I was going to get really loud! Not really...I would have scurried away like the coward I am:( But luckily, I saw other camera phones too. By the way, this Blackberry Pearl camera phone is pretty darn good!

I took a few shots and then the sleep started to really creep up on me. We decided to leave but I would have called it a successful night out anyway because otherwise I would have been home watching reruns of Project Runway until I fell asleep on the sofa...basically my nightly routine.
As we were leaving, we ran into Kid Capri. WTH? How are you the DJ and you are just walking in the door! We stopped him and let him know that Houstonians partied on time. His response..."We do it all night long in New York". That's when I glanced at the time and felt embarrassed...it was only 11ish.

That didn't stop us from chopping him up:) He was cool and took a quick pic with my trusty camera phone and we were out.

All the pics in this post were taken by me, obviously, with my camera phone. So if a pic is not clear...let's just call it "artistic". Heck, I am so gangsta, I am going to use only the pics I took for this post meaning I am not going to shoplift more professional pictures from the internet or Boris's website. I believe in me. YES. I. CAN.
Here is the link to Boris's clothing line for your perusal. http://ziami.com/ws/

So in the end...I did go to Fashion Week! HA! By the way, that's me on the red carpet. Granted my friend took the pic with my phone and we were first in line so we had time to play celebrity...but it's stil the red carpet...actually it was blue:)

You know, the more I think about it...the clothes in this line look alot like the clothes sold at Zara's (in the Houston Galleria and they have more in NY). The clothes are cut more European style which I am not completely convinced works for us curvy women but it would be a great gift/investment for the men in our lives:)


Calvin Klein Hates Me

This summer I saw this cute Calvin Klein dress at TJ Maxx but they didn't have my size. It was very reminiscent of those pencil dresses that I love. It was a charcoal gray sheath a with gray belt and it screamed Jackie O doing lunch or sexy librarian.

I wanted it so bad that I embarked on a citywide search for my size 12...even driving to TJ maxx's in the far corners of the world...ok...on the other side of town. I had talked about the dress so much that even my friends were sick of hearing about it. One of my friends even went shopping one day and called me because she thought she found it and of course I got OUT of my bed to see and of course it wasn't it. The point is EVERYBODY knew I was on a mission.

I was obsessed.

I never found it. I eventually gave up and realized it was not meant to be. Well, that's not totally true...I had to pay my house note and realized that a place to live probably outweighed that $60 dress (by the way, was is the same dress $170 bucks at Dillards/Bloomingdale's)

You know what they say though...You will always find what you are looking for when you stop looking. Actually they say that about men but a man versus a pretty dress is a tough call for me:) I kid. I kid. A man who buys me a pretty dress every now and then is a nice compromise, wouldn't you think:)

I digress.

Low and behold a month later...I saw the dress and literally screamed because it was a size 12. I really need a hobby or a kid or something because as I type this, I realize that I could be just as excited about volunteering somewhere or reading the bible or something meaningful. Anyway, I think I may have broken into a dance in the middle of the store, I can't remember but it is highly possible.

I zipped home because I had put so many different shoe options with the dress in my head. I planned to wear it EVERYWHERE because it was meant to be, right?

I just had to get to know it better because my dresses and I have intimate relationships. I slipped or shall I say begged the dress on and noticed that it was snug. I just figured that I needed to do a couple sit ups or drink cayenne pepper juice or whatever Beyonce' does to lose weight. The snugness didn't deter me though. I even went so far as to run down my stairs, down the driveway to my neighbor/friend's house to show her that I finally got the dress.

Psycho, right? I know.

I "inch" my way over there and the whole way I am thinking to myself...Man, I need to lay off those chicken dinners because I can't rock this dress with a gut. I am still determined as I secretly chant YES I CAN in my head. I get over there and we both agree that it is a fab dress. I just said, "Well, I won't wear it until I drop 5 lbs...that's all I need. (insert laugh here)

So I inch back home and toddle up the stairs and have a conniption trying to unzip the dress from behind.
THE ZIPPER BROKE! You would think the story ends there. NOT. I also noticed that the belt thingy was not long enough...I just said to myself "Self...Calvin Klein does not design for black girls.".

So I throw the dress and belt into the car and off I go to my tailor. It just needs a better zipper right? And I need to extend the belt out right? No biggie...because I HEART the dress.

I pay 18 bucks for the alterations and since I knew I needed to drop some lbz, I don't rush to pick up the dress for a couple of weeks.

A few days ago, I go to pick up the dress and stared it lovingly on the way home. Later that night, one of my friends called me and we were cackling as usual at some nonsense or other. The whole time I was on the phone, I was grunting trying to get the dress on, you know, to get to know it better:) I am surprised that my friend never heard me grunting on the phone..

I am still yapping with my friend and I finally got it off with complete disgust. I look at myself in complete bewilderment. I knew that I had been eating a little extra because I had been having a rough couple of weeks but my goodness, not enough for this private embarrassment. I guess it didn't help matters that I independently made the executive decision that cookies were to be considered a new food group but this was ridiculous.

So, I am still gossiping on the phone and just sit on the edge of my bed completely exasperated. Why is this happening to me? Did I anger God in some way? I can recite the Lord's Prayer and I know that God so loved that he gave his only begotten son. I even know that it's John 3:16. That's got to count for something.

I am really perplexed at this point although I am still holding the phone. Just when I was about to throw a complete tantrum and change religions (not really, relax), I decided to check the size of the dress.


Why hadn't I checked that a month ago?!? Here I am driving to get alterations and vowing to starve myself to debut the stupid dress and it's a size 10!.I was so pissed, mainly because I had plans for that dress and if you know anything about Marshall's or TJ Maxx, when you see something you like...BUY IT...because it won't be there the next day.

In my defense, the hanger was labeled a size 12 and that's all I needed to break out and do the Superman in the middle of a store. I guess I had been so excited about pulling off this major coupe that I didn't think to check. I am so ashamed. Especially since I am one class away from earning my Master's...in Education of all things. Just in case you were wondering, I am hanging my head down low right now:(

The funny part is that instead of checking...I literally hung the dress on my door as the prize for dropping some lbz. You know how we are ladies..."oh, I'll buy it now and make it the motivation for me to put down the cookies." :)

I was so disgusted. So, I ended the phone call and made my way to return the dress with 30 minutes to spare before the store closed. Of course they didn't have it but I found a better one...

...............but I am still going to find that dress again!!

Can we say "challenged"? I. AM. CHALLENGED.

I thought this was worth sharing. I told you that I am God's comic Relief. You believe me now, don't you!

(Here is a pic of a poor hungry soul modeling my dress. Poor thing, she really needs to eat. I paired a sweater I found in the closet with the dress and just put the belt over the sweater instead of under. I got the sweater a couple years ago at Target. By the way, Calvin Klein is alright by me so please don't send hate mail if you work there...Just send me a free dress!)

Amen. You may discuss or laugh now. I deserve to be ridiculed.............and YES....my camera phone strikes again!


Just you wait!

I am not a Rihanna fan. I don't think she can sing one lick nor do I understand why the media follows her so much. But I will say that I saw a picture of her in an outfit that I absolutely worship. I just absolutely WORSHIP the look of a men's crisp shirt with skinny jeans or wide legged cuffed khakis and a skinny belt. That is so flattering on so many levels.

I am so going to replicate this look soon. I am actually thinking about going to Target and trying to replicate the look for "cheap" but I need a model or a sucker whichever sounds politically correct, to photograph. I can't wait. When I wear the outfit or find someone to do it for me, I will just throw the real life picture up here but for now...we'll just look at Rihanna rock the Men's classic shirt! I love, love, love.

The best part of it is that it will look great on women of all ages and shapes. I just pictured a certain graduate from Ball State University rocking this (you know who you are). Maybe one day, I'll convince you to wear it. (You can wear your silver Anne Klein shoes...he he he)

The best thing is we all probably have this outfit in our closet...just steal your man's shirt (son, brother, cousin) and put on great accessories. Skinny jeans woud look fab like Rihanna but a wide leg jean or khaki would be a great alternative. Whatever floats your boat.
I think the key is to have a shirt that is a size larger than your own so that it can baloon correctly at the waist. The other key is to not try too hard...the look too contrived.

I will call this the "Morning After" (after church:) look...that's when you just grab your man's shirt and walk out the door looking absolutely FAB.
I guarantee that Rihanna paid a kidney for that shirt. I am sure it is a designer something or other...or it just might be her boo's shirt...but nevertheless...the look CAN be achieved:) YES. WE. CAN!

I included some options to achieve the look on your own (or my own). The shirts are from The Gap and Target. The jeans are from Urban Outfitters ( I have a pair...and they stretch) and the skinny belt is from Target.
Hint, hint. The larger woman should wear a wider belt with the Men's Shirt but bring the belt up higher...That way you can have that Coke Bottle shape that our men love to see:)
Practically any high heel will do...this will be a FAB look for a casual dinner for the Fall season...although in Houston, we only have ONE season...HOT!
I promise to update this post with some real people...not that Rihanna isn't...it's just that I don't know her:)
In completely random news...Ladies that are Real Woman Sizes...16 and upwards...check out Old Navy's Exclusive line...Every piece is too cute.


I did something. I think I should be proud or maybe not.

I made someone throw away all of their clothes. Everything. Shoes. Short sets (I'll get to that later). Everything. Shoes. Dress clothes.

So here's the back story. I have this wonderful cousin whom I LOVE dearly and will literally cut somebody if they looked at him the wrong way. He is THE most adorable, spiritual guy under the age of 30 that I know. I honestly believe that he wakes up each morning with a smile on his face and it carries throughout the day. Point being, he is a great guy but dressed bad...really bad....really really bad. His clothes did not match his personality and that was unfortunate because everybody loves him.

Now, as his cousin, I knew that he wasn't that into clothes and always went for the cheapest and most comfortable clothes. I was accustomed to it. It would be nothing for him to rock a SHORT SET to a family gathering...WITH a matching hat. I just figured, hey that's just him. The older we got, the older his clothes looked. He is only 28 I think and dressed every bit of 40. Not good.

So, we had a family gathering recently and in came Cousin with the most beautiful smile on his face and the most beautiful spirit glowing from within paired with velcro sandals and a plaid short set.

I literally couldn't take it anymore. I had to save him from himself. How could I claim to be into style and let someone with the same DNA as I represent my lineage like this? Someone had to love him enough. Something had to be done and I was just the one to do it. I thought about it all night and was trying to find a way to approach him without feeling embarrassed. I didn't want to come across as being mean because as I said before, I will cut somebody if they hurt him...including myself:)

So, I bit the bullet and counted on him to be as he always is, sweet and appreciative. I called him and started off with I loved him but something had to be done with his style. To my surprise, he was all for it. Actually, he literally said that he was grateful that I thought enough of him to help him. That immediately put me at ease and the wheels started turning.

I went straight Rambo on him. I told him that I would help him shop for a whole new wardrobe for under $200 (funded completely by him) but he must literally turn his current wardrobe over to me. I wasn't going to waste my time shopping with him if he was going to slip back into his old ways. He agreed and we were off. I literally don't even remember how many short sets were in his closet. I agreed to let him keep two of them but he had to vow to wear them as separates. He agreed again. This was easier than I thought.

I asked him to give up everything including his shoes. As he was looking under his bed for all his shoes...he pulled out an awesome pair of Chuck Taylors that had NEVER been worn!! WTH? Why would he choose velcro sandals over a great pair of OLIVE green Chucks?? He said a friend of his gave them to him but he didn't know what to wear with them.

So, needless to say, the Chucks were a keeper.

So we went to Ross, Old Navy and Marshall's and he came out a new man. We went to Ross and found jeans for 6.99 and 9.99. We found a great pair of Sketcher -Steve Madden-esque shoes. Old Navy ended up being a Godsend for shirts...cute shirts...we found button down shirts and polo-esque shirts for 8 bucks and under.

What excited me the most was how excited he was at the makeover. The more he learned the rules, the more excited he got at his own upgrade. Would you believe that he did not own ONE pair of blue jeans?!?!? Just regular blue jeans...that is crazy. I concluded that was the single reason why his style suffered from so many years. If he didn't have blue jeans, of course the next resort would be patterned shorts with matching shirt and hat.

So after hours of trying things on, schooling on the art of matching neutrals and giving countless pop quizzes...my cousin entered the year 2008 and he looked fabulous! He looked so great that he even bequeath another short set to me.

He understood the rules to finding things to compliment his shape and let me tell you, he has a great bod and I am pretty disgusted typing that statement about my own my cousin but it is true. His assets were his arms or the "gun show" so we focused on finding thin, vintage-y T-shirts that accented his arms.

I felt like I had done the world some good. I couldn't wait to see him rock his clothes at a function.

Because I am completely neurotic at times, I took pictures of some of his outfits. I posted some pics of his new look and don't believe the hype...the clothes DO make the man! The smile on his face was payment enough for me...well he also bought me a burger as payment and let me tell you...that was the best darn burger I had ever eaten!

I have posted pics of my dear beloved cousin with his blessing and I just wanted to show that you don't need a lot of money to look good! The most expensive shirt was maybe 11 bucks and he even went out on a limb and bought ANOTHER pair of chucks for 20 bucks at Marshall's.

I LOVE MY JOB...(If it really were my job)...but it made me happy. He has told me that he has gotten countless compliments and people immediately noticed a difference. It was actually really fun for him...he got the full attention of a personal stylist (me) and I got to completely be in control of someone's look which makes me happier than you know.

He was a great client because he was so open to chang. If I ever stumble onto a career of a personal style or as a low budget makeover queen...that must be the first thing that is understood...YOU MUST BE OPEN TO CHANGE...and I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!

Anyway, the moral of story is..don't be afraid to upgrade your man's (or cousin's) look.

Disclaimer: Don't upgrade every man you meet. Don't do it...reconsider...read some literature on the matter (sorry, that's a line from Andre 3000)

I digress.

Make sure he is worthy! Otherwise you will upgrade him and then he will start to feel his look too much and start taking pictures of himself and sending them to random skanks forgetting that he didn't come like that....true story:(

I posted some pics of the upgrade...and one before which didn't do any justice because what I really needed was a pic of him in the velcro sandals and short sets from Suit Mart.

Again, I love my cousin...and he looks fab.

(Forgive the background of the pictures...y'all know I am working with a camera phone...and yes that is a watermelon on the floor...we are from TEXAS!)

Ironically enough...My friend had a garage sale the other weekend and I threw in the infamous short sets just to get rid of them...WHY WERE THEY THE FIRST TO GO!! Go figure...this little Hispanic lady bought three short sets (some still with tags) for her dear husband. I hope she isn't reading this...what are the odds.....????....nah)

P.S....the Before picture should be pretty obvious...its the one with the shorts...I forced him to throw on the chucks to go shopping.) All of the shirts came from Old Navy and the jeans were from Ross.

Here's a little Beyonce': Upgrade You

By the way...if you were by any chance bored and wondered if I am still "not shopping" as I mentioned in a blog last month...I SUCK...I bought a purple clutch and accessories from the Charming Charlie's outlet store. I must say in my defense that I did say that finding purple accessories would be the exception. Does it count that the clutch was only eight bucks and cute?

Probably not huh...anyway...this is my confession...at least I am honest)
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