Lucky Star

How ironic that I heard "Lucky Star" by Madonna today?
Did I ever mention how much I was into Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Janet Jackson back in the day?
(My Janet Jackson allegiance is well documented)

Lucky Star.
Time after Time.
Let's Wait a While.
When I Think of You... (I actually reenacted the video to this one earlier today...I still got it!)
Umm hmm. That's me all day:)

Zara Skirt
F21 Madonna Tee
Aldo Wedges
American Apparel Pencil Bag


GFS Style Crush: Indie Chic

(The pants suit...KILLING IT!)

I'll get around to a real post soon enough (hopefully an outfit post this weekend)...I wanted to share with you my not so secret and ever growing style crush...SOLANGE!

Her style may not be for everyone but I'm thinking she doesn't really care.
Which is why I heart so much right now.
I love that she tries new things.

She's come a long way from being just Beyonce's little sister and she's stepped into her own.
I, for one...LOVE IT!

I know you've seen these pics all over the blogworld but her style is giving me major life right now!

(I'm getting alot of things done while I'm out "not posting" but let's just say that I'm having an eventful and productive week)


The Night Before Sunday School

I went to see Erykah Badu perform last night.

I wore this short skirt.
I do that sometimes...

I wear short skirts.

Which means I could never be a preacher's wife.
I'm at peace with that though. Something tells me that I wouldn't be popular because I'd ban wearing pantyhose or white shoes to church.

But it doesn't mean I couldn't go to church.

Because I saw skirts shorter than this at church this morning.

(Urban Outfitters Top, Target Skirt, Aldo Earrings, DIY Raven Bag, Aldo Wedges)
Even I wouldn't go that far. I do have standards.
Just not at concerts...the night before church:)

Here is the obligatory bad concert shot.

She's Erykah Badu.
I expect nothing less:)


Single Ladies, Video Vixens and Preacher Wives

Shanda randomly sent me more of her work and I gasped!
She is phenomenal!
She told me that I was her muse when we first started chatting a few months back.
I just blew her off because I thought she was just trying to make me feel pretty!
Then I get these illustrations in my email!

I remember joking with her to give me a smaller waist...you know...like a video vixen.
Everybody wants to be a video vixen. Even preacher's wives...even you! Umm hmm.
She remarked that she was going to do the face again to resemble me more. Who wants to look like me when you can like her in the illustration!

Thank you Shanda! This made my day!
P.S...If you watch the new VHI show "Single Ladies" featuring Diamond from Player's Club Lisa Raye and Stacy Dash...you will see more of Shanda's work! Stacy Dash's character plays a fashion designer and boutique owner. Shanda's work is being used for those scenes! So everytime you see Stacy Dash drawing/sketching something...it's Shanda's work! I know really cool people, don't I!
And by "know"...I mean email, call, chat and stalk but never met in the flesh...YET!

Just you wait til I get to Atlanta!


GFS Hairstory: The Interview That Wasn't Supposed to Happen

H&M Dress
Random Belt
Sam Edelman Wedges
Aldo Necklace

I know a lot of bloggers venture into VLOGGING but I vowed that would not be my ministry.
But when you have a pushy friend who forces you to talk...well... never say never. I also have the distinct honor of introducing her daughter to her first Oreo cookie when she was one year old...so I suppose I felt obligated! LOL

Here is probably the first and last video I will ever do!

Quick notes:

1. I did NOT want to do a video...ever!
2. I'm not wearing any make up...(nor do I wear any but still)
3. I have no idea why I was flipping my head like I have cascading locks down my back!
4. I had zero time to prepare!
5. My outfit  pics were taken this morning and this video was done at 7pm...as the day goes on...my hair gets bigger:)
6. I have "bed head" hair in the video because I drive with my head leaned back against the headrest after work. Thanks Kenge for allowing me NO time to fix that! GRRRR!

Enough stalling I suppose...here goes!

Click here to view full screen. I don't know how to change the size format on my blog because I'm challenged:)

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Kenge, next time I want a hair and make up crew booked and Evian water in a plastic cup with a silver straw to sip!


Vote For Shanda!

Vote for my blog buddy, Shanda Ferguson's artwork to be featured on a H&M T-Shirt!
There's nothing in it for me...she doesn't even know I'm posting this:)

I just think she is uber talented! And it's H&M...That's a big deal!

Good Luck Shanda!!

Vote for her here!

I would love to see her artwork on a H&M tshirt...a store we DON'T have in Houston so I would have to rely on one of you lucky "sonofaguns" to send me one...if she wins of course:)

And she is doing work for VH1! She's a big deal I tell ya!

P.S...Do you think I can get that body in 2 weeks while still eating cookies and burgers?
Just kidding RO (my workout buddy)!!!

Feel free to repost and retweet!


GFS Series: Christ Chic

If you're new to this blog...I like to call what I wear to church "Christ Chic."
(If you're a Glee fan, then you know all about that. If you're not a Glee fan but one of your friends watches it religiously, then you've been exposed to the term:) 
Thrifted Silk dress worn as Blouse
Aldo Necklace
Target Skirt
LAMB Heels
I turned the belt backwards.
DIY RAVEN LEOPARD Clutch...*sings to the heavens*

After church, I removed the black skirt because I was tugging and pulling at it too much.
Two for one...not bad:)

*I was being a busy body and changed the settings on my backup camera...hence the fuzziness. Now I have to figure out how to set it back to its original settings*

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It's Been A Long Time!

It's been a while, hasn't it?
I have good excuses reasons but I'll save them for another time.
Let's blame it on Blogger being down for a couple of days.
It's TRUE.
Blogger was down!
So that's my reason.

(Target Tank/Vintage Skirt*/Random Belt, Thrifted clutch)
The pockets on this skirt are fabulous!

My school year is winding down and wedding planning is in high gear.
I never really mention that I'm planning a wedding because I don't want to turn this into a wedding blog.
Like we need another one of those!
But I will give great highlites because you won't believe the gifted people that have come through this blog that will have a heavy influence on that day:)

I will say this...it won't be one of those "awww look at her skip on fake rose petals down the yellow brick road then watch them stuff cake in each other's face and everybody laughs because he got cake in her hair" type of events.
I don't have time for all of that foolishness and HOMIE DON'T PLAY THAT!
And my wedding shoes are leopard print for goodness sake.
I wouldn't have it any other way...but you knew that:)

It'll be lowkey but fun. Emphasis on fun.
 I'll share bits and pieces after it's all said and done.

 Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Yvette, owner of Belle Curve Boutique in Houston.
Chastity from The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style introduced us. (She knows everybody!)
I got to see some of the latest Spring items and I even got to play with the dolls style a few of the newer pieces!
I had great fun and the pieces are fab, affordable and I even taught Yvette that leopard print is neutral.
My work on earth is done!

Bella Curve Dress/Necklace
Belt & 2nd necklace (my own)

If you're in Houston, drop by Belle Curve and check out some of the goodies!
Yvette told me she started her boutique because she got so frustrated with the sizing of online stores and wanted to make fashion accessible to curvy women! Tell her I sent you and give her a big hug for me:)

Belle Curve Boutique
10350 South Post Oak
Suite 100
Houston, Texas

Belle Curve Top/Harem Pants
(These pics don't do the pants justice...the sequin band is part of the pants)
My personal bag by DIY RAVEN

P.S...These pictures SUCK hot boiled eggs! I'm working on getting my real camera back in operation.

*The vintage skirt I'm wearing is technically supposed to go to SFAM but I threatened encouraged Juanette to let me try it...for business purposes of course! (kinda loving it & keeping it) We are each other's personal shoppers so it's hard giving up goodies! *hangs head*


Bloggers Don't Always Love What They're Wearing

Hi. I hate this dress.

I bought it a year or so ago and it was about 2 sizes too big.
But I saw potential in it.
I thought I could save it. Make it work for me.

I should've just left it at the thrift store instead of pouring money into alterations.
The neck is too high (it's asymeterical)
 My "girls" felt caged.
The waist line doesn't hit me in the most awesome place
 It's too short.
All which are my fault...because my alterations lady told me.
I didn't listen.
 Now...once again...I hang my head in shame!

 I tried to "Jedi mind trick" the dress by adding a vest.
Which wasn't originally a vest...it was a Gap Jacket that I've had for a few years.  
I decided it would serve me better as a vest.
I had the sleeves taken off.
I was right about that!
(Thrifted dress,belt/ Gap Trench Jacket Vest, BCBG heels/ Aldo necklace/Vintage handbag)

You win some and you lose some.

P.S...Say hello to my new little friend. The mother in law strikes again. This is the MIL's grandmother's handbag! It's been sitting in her attic doing absolutely nothing since I rescued it. It's perfect in all thy ways.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom:)

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken before I was even born. She loathes clothes of the 70's...the polyester which means that I didn't inherit those plaid pants. I did inherit her tastebuds for Dr. Pepper!
(She doesn't read my blog reguarly so she won't even know this picture is up!)


Some Things Never Change

I can't write enough jokes for this.
The glasses.
The TROOP tshirt
The record player.
The bangs.

And I have the nerve to buy similar glasses 25 years later!


Beware, The Plain Janes of the World

If you are conservative, you are going to hate this outfit. I happen to love it! It is one of those "I feel the most me" type of outfits.

From the old school snakeskin glasses from the thrift shop for 49 cents...

...to the DOUBLE Leopard. Umm hmmm. Leopard sweater AND shoes.
(Just so you know, in my house...leopard print is a neutral. Those are my house rules.)

I've worn this dress a trillion times on this blog and I've never thought to wear this until today.

You would think that I felt ridiculous. 80's glasses...not matching. But I didn't. I felt kind of conservative.
Lately, I've really been into mixing prints. I crave it. I need it. Gotta have it!

Like I said, I felt the most ME.

JCP leopard cardi (I've had in my closet since September)
Anthropologie Dress
Random Belt
Sam Edelman Heels
"Reiko Red" clutch c/o DIY RAVEN
Thrifted Vintage Snakeskin glasses (these make me want to sing "Poison" by BBD) 

You really should get one of these custom bags by Raven!

P.S...Happy Cinco De Mayo! This is my Cinco De Mayo dance!

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