I Survived...Hopefully

I whipped this quick post up Saturday morning which means that by the time you read this it should be AFTER everything has gone down.
I want to thank you all for the well wishes.
And here are some links to bloggers who in some way have something to do with the day happening.

Juanette...my SFAM!
Ashley...of Mocha Mommies. The dreamweaver...the one who puts ideas into my head.
Chastity...for offering up a wedding dress if I needed it.
Olive Paperie...for my delightful paper goods (invites)
Cathy...for overall moral support. We are going to meet!
Key...for spotting my wedding shoes and calling me so I can get them!
AS I Grew Older...my fabulous friend who was the venue stylist for my wedding.
Rocquelle...for giving me the best ideas!
Kenge...for surprising me with my bouqet! It was perfect!
Eskay Entertainment for never blinking twice at my ideas.
Nathan...for being the best ever wedding photographer...EVER. EVER! EVER!

And that fabulous artwork...that is by Shanda!
You can't really appreciate its perfection unless you see it in person! I'll try to get pics.
More details on everything when I get back!



3 More days...
Thank you everyone for your well wishes on my soon to be nuptials.
I'm anxious to get er' done and have some fun!
ASOS Dress tucked in as a shirt
Thrifted Skirt. (This is my fave skirt thus far!)
Jessica Simpson Heels

We All Like Free Stuff Right?

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I patiently await my new threads over here at GFS!
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I thought the previous post would be the last post before I'm officially married but I figured I could sneak one more in.
5 more days.
I can't tell you how frustrating this whole process has been trying to accomodate everyone's needs and wants.
I've broken into tears almost every single day for the last three weeks.

And I never cry.

Unless I'm laughing at someone for wearing a jheri curl or fingerwaves...but that's usually tears of laughter.
I'm probably in tears as you read this post.
The people who I thought wouldn't be giving me the blues are the ones that are sparking the most tears from me.
People who I thought I could count on...flaked.
While others have gone above and beyond the call of duty.
Funny how that works.

But I'll be in Puerto Rico a week from today.
And that is what we are looking forward to more than anything else around these parts.
I believe this dress will make another appearance in Puerto Rico as well.

Dress c/o of Belle Curve Boutique
(The dress was longer but I didn't read the instructions & shrunk it. Because that's what I do.)
Vintage Belt/Sunglasses
Jessica Simpson Shoes
Trying the lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC...not loving it on me. But I'm a blogger...that's what we do right?
Try stuff. So I did.

             Wish Me Luck...and prayers.

P.S...When I cry...they are usually small, random intervals and are triggered by a person's insensitive actions, laying guilt trips,  unsolicited opinions or getting the run around when it comes to grand ideas but no money to support the execution of said grand idea.  In most cases, I just play the song  "Soul Sister" by Train and dance like no one's watching and all is better...instantly.

If that doesn't work, I play this song...
(please do not click the above song if you are reading this post from your work cubicle, from your IPHONE while at church or recently found Jesus...the song will lead you to the pits of hell...lol)


Brief Hiatus

(My Wedding Shoes)

Ten more days until I am married.
So I think this may be last post until the smoke clears.
I promise to share some good shots when I get back from the honeymoon.
Make sure you follow me on twitter...you never know what random pics may pop up.
To see a few shots from my bridal shower, make sure  you LIKE GFS on Facebook.

And to make me feel better because peoplegetonmynerves.org...
Tell me about the drama that surrounded your wedding day.
Trust me, I will read it!

I will have a scheduled post for the day after:)



GFS Series: Christ Chic

To all of the newbies following GFS...Thank you and HI!
Christ Chic is simply what I wear to church.
Although this looks like I should be throwing a dinner party or something.
I almost thought this was too dressy for church but if I can't dress up for Jesus, who else is worth it?!?

(Vintage Dress/Vintage Sunglasses/Thrifted clutch/Jessica Simpson Sandals)

And let me tell you, I felt great in it!
I threw on simple sandals and a fun clutch to dress it down.
But that didn't stop me from getting mean mugged from random people today.

As I was exiting church, I saw no less than three women do a double take as I passed them.
The least you could do is smile.
So of course, I'm staring them back (mind you I'm still on church grounds at this point.)
Then, while in the mall today, I saw this old lady at the perfume counter literally stop what she was doing and stare at me.
Not a smile. Nothing.
Maybe it was her dress from the 60's.
I should've asked her.

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Texas Hates Spanx!

I probably should have worn my Spanx with this skirt dress but it was too hot.
So there.
The dress is really a full skirt with layers of fabric so wearing anything else was just out of the question.
And guess what.
I'm okay with it.
Another day, I might care.
Just not today.
The world still goes round.
I did alot of twirling in the skirt though.
That's always okay.

Thrifted Skirt
Thrifted belt
F21 Necklace
Vintage Charles Jourdan Sunglasses
Jessica Simpson Sandals
Mother In Law's Vintage Handbag

P.S...I plan to drop in at the Houston chapter of the  "I <3 Thrifting" Party hosted by Mac Styles via Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Come out and say hi...I'll be the girl wearing no spanx, fanning myself and probably pouring water on my head like the girl in Flashdance (pic below) to keep cool.

Yep...that's about right:)



My sister called me the other day and made me proud.
She said my 12 13 12 year old niece went to the mall and told her that she was really into cropped tops.
My sister calls them "flashdance" shirts.

My niece refused to buy a shirt from the store, instead she wanted to come home and make some herself.
She got that from trait from me.
I was so proud.

Oddly, I woke up this morning and decided this top was bothering me. I felt like it didn't have enough "slouch" to it.
So after I put in my contacts and brushed my teeth, I grabbed the nearest pair of scissors and cut the rib off the neck of the shirt.
You know, the funny thing is my fiance' (24 more days until I have to use the word "husband") saw me do this and never once questioned me.

I think he's used to my antics now.
Thrifted skirt
Urban Outfitters Tee (DIY'ed)
Jessica Simpson Sandals

(Same skirt, different day)


Happy July Fourth

Vintage Skirt worn as Dress
Jessica Simpson Sandals
F21 Necklace
Vintage Charles Jourdan Sunglasses
LV Speedy


GFS Sponsor: Olive Paperie Custom Design and Stationery

Let me start this off by saying that I believe in the power of blogging and social media. If it weren't for me having a blog and Dana from Olive Paperie Custom Design & Stationery reading my blog...I wouldn't have wedding invitations!

Olive Paperie Custom Design and Stationery specialize in print design, small business branding, wedding invitations and other paper goods. They also now have a notecard product called Flip that specializes in Fashion Stationery.
I even used customized notecards she did for me as bridal shower invites!
We're both clever, aren't we!?!?

Olive Paperie did the above for me:
Wedding Invitations
RSVP Cards
Thank You Note Cards
Book Mark: Party Favors
Customized Bridal Notecards (not shown)
Now you know I wasn't going to have any old boring invitations, right?!?

I can't say enough personally about Dana. She is such an inspiring spirit and never once guffawed at my ideas. Not once!

Olive Paperie Custom Design and Stationery will be the featured sponsor for GFS the entire month of July.
In a world of email this and text that...it's such a treat to send and receive personalized stationery.

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