God Is Good

Finally, a real outfit post!
It's been so hot that I've basically resolved to de-clothing (not a real word) as soon as I get in the car.
I even take off my bracelets and earrings because the thought of anything touching my skin in this 100+ degree weather makes me mental.

(I may have or may not have stolen this vintage dress from Juanette's  house this summer.)

(Vintage belt/bag/dress/sunglasses, Sam Edelman wedges)

Well, the dust has settled. The summer is winding down and I have so much to be grateful for.
I had the best wedding I could have and had some truly awakening moments this summer as to who is really on my team and who isn't.
Also, remember that post a few months ago...the one where I lost my job as a teacher because of silly reductions in funding?

Let's just say that since that day, I haven't had one day to be sad about it. I've been blessed in every way. I found a summer job to carry me through the summer and pay for little things for my wedding.

And I got another job! I'm still in education which I'd sworn off but that's what happens when I try to make my own plans and not follow God's plan.
As much as I want to be that creative chick...I still have bills.
So it was a blessing. And I didn't even have to look for a job...it came to me!

Creatively speaking, things keep getting better! Every since my debut as a video wardrobe stylist, I've had more great things come my way.
As soon as I can share, I will!
Things are good and finally falling into place and I couldn't be more appreciative!

P.S... I owe you guys two wedding posts...my take on the "process" (trust me I have alot to say about that!) and a run through of how it went down...it's coming.


YOU GET A HUG and YOU GET A HUG!...*in my Oprah voice*

(Photo Courtesy of my wedding photographer Nathan Russell Photography)

I've been meaning to post this all summer but I'm lazy , I've been so busy, I was busy saving the world time just got away from me!

Thank you Shen Dove for including me in your Style Profile Series!
And thank you Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely for using me for your debut series "Your Body Is Fabulous!"
The comments on both blogs seriously made me look around the room and say "are they talking about me?"

*bats eyes*

*I used wedding snapshots for this post because I haven't taken any pics this week. Regular outfit posts will resume on GFS when:

1. I can get in the car and not have to peel off my clothes even AFTER I turn the air conditioner on.
2. The devil's sister stops sitting on the Sun and pointing her evil heat rays toward Houston.
3. When I don't have to keep my car windows rolled up to keep the heat OUT of my car!


What I Wore To The Video Release Party for "Maybe"

This is what I wore to Lee-Lonn's Video Release party!
I wanted the Boxing Kitten Look...
I heart that whole ethnic/mixing of prints aesthetic.

It would've been nice if my photographer would've noticed the exposed tag.
He's going back into "better take my pictures and let me know if I have tags hanging out of my clothes" husband training class.

This is what I wore to Lee-Lonn's "Maybe" Video Release Party.
You remember once upon a time that top used to be a dress.
You know I'm always up to tricks.
I decided it would serve me best a top and I was right...again! LOL
And yes, the infamous favorite Target skirt made it's appearance.
You didn't think I stopped wearing it, did you?
How foolish of you!

Borrowed vintage handbag from my mother-in-law
Pour La Victoire Irina heels
Vintage Sunglasses
Aldo Accessories Earrings

(Yolanda Green/owner of Xpozher Accessories and Home...also the mother of Lee-Lonn; Video Director Danny Ocean of Evesborough Films)

I was so anxious to see the video after so many months of waiting and it was worth it.

The Film Crew

Of course I had to get a photo with the star of the video!

(Last photo courtesy of Cary Fagan Photography)

And if you missed it...here is the video. I served as the wardrobe stylist for the video:)

Lee-Lonn - "Maybe" from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.


Honeymoon: Puerto Reiko (The Final Day)

The last full day in Puerto Reiko (Rico) and we finally made it to the beach.
It was kind of a let down.
It wasn't as picture-esque as I expected.
I believe we went to the wrong part of the beach...on the wrong day...or something.
We told the cab driver to take us to a beach and  he swore he was taking us to most beatiful beach ever.
Yeah...for the dead!

In Puerto Rico's defense, it did rain quite a bit because of the threat of Tropical Storm Emily.
And it was a Thursday...so there wasn't much action.
So, that'll be the reason.
We still made the best of it and had our final Puerto Rican adult beverage on the beach and took it all in.
We have decided that each year on our anniversay, we will go back to Puerto Rico.
There's so much that we have yet to discover.
And I kind of like the idea of making that a tradition.

I got my retro style swimsuit from Marshall's, it was made by Jantzen.
I didn't bother taking the skirt off while on the beach because the grim water just wasn't worth it.

I took this picture to show people who are from Texas...Doesn't this water look like the water in Galveston?!? LOL!

The swimsuit did get wet in the hotel pool later that night.
Don't let the picture fool you, I can't not swim!

And that my friends is Puerto Reiko!
Back to real life I go!

GFS Styles Day 2: Lee-Lonn's "Maybe" Video Shoot

(Ashley and Lee-Lonn at work)

When Lee-Lonn had discussions about the treatment for his video, I asked him how he wanted his "girl" to look in the video.
He didn't hesitate. "I want her classy but I don't mind short shorts with the pockets hanging."

And this is what I came up with.
I threw together a boy's shirt, a vintage Gucci belt from my closet and accessories by Yolanda Green of Xpozher Home and Accessories. (Who just so happens to be his mother)

The guys looking at the playbacks.

It was a long day and by the end of the day I was spent but that didn't stop us from clowning around when the shoot wrapped!

Don't judge me...I was in work mode!

Me, Ashley, Lee-Lonn and make-up artist Danielle.


I am so geeked and grateful for Lee-Lonn's trust in me!
Support Team LeeLonn!

The final product...

Lee-Lonn - "Maybe" from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.


GFS Styles Day 1: Maybe by LeeLonn Video Shoot

At this point, you atleast know his name because I tweet about him and periodically post about Lee-Lonn.
He is a sensational artist and I just happen to know him personally.
Roughly 2 months ago, he asked me to be the stylist for his first video and it couldn't have come at a better time.
I think the day before, I'd just receive the news that I was being layed off from my job.

I was in charge of super sweet video model Ashley's look as well as Lee-Lonn's look.
Toni of Scott Phree Online Boutique allowed us to pull from her inventory! Toni, former stylist to the stars, was so accomodating and gracious and gave me free reign on what we could use!

Here are a few studio shots I took with my camera.

We decided on this embellished dress for Ashley and she rocked it!

With the help of make-up artist, Danielle...we came up with this look for Ashley.

(LeeLonn wore a custom vest and Urban Outfitters khakis)
I die for LeeLonn.
He is such  an artist.
But even better...he's an INCREDIBLE human being!
He lets me boss him around...stylishly speaking of course!

And here's the final product!!!!!!!!

Lee-Lonn - "Maybe" from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.


GFS STYLES: Lee-Lonn "Maybe" Video is Here!!!

It's finally here! I went to the video premiere party last night and I swear I was watching it as if I was giving birth to a baby!
I was the video stylist and I can't tell you how geeked I am! Enjoy! I'll do a detailed post later about the "behind the scenes" action but I couldn't wait to show you!

Reblog, replay, retweet...post on your facebook...Support!!!

Lee-Lonn is a talent and deserves every bit of support and I am honored that he chose little ole me to be his wardrobe stylist!

Click here to see the official Video Release Party Pics courtesy of Carey Fagan Photography!
Click here to see my exclusive pics from the party:)



Honeymoon: Puerto Reiko (Part 2)

To be honest, we just wandered around Old San Juan and ran into things to do/see.
We were so relaxed (probably because of the marathon random naps)...that we just flew by the seat of our pants. 

We did make it to the Bacardi factory...which was kind of underwhelming but they give free Rum when you arrive...so that's something.
I was more interested in the history of the company but it was a free tour...so no complaints here.

Do you know why the bat is the symbol for Bacardi Rum?
It's because the founder's wife noticed fruit bats in the warehouse where the rum was being fermented.
I was listening to the tour guide...yes I was.

We once again lucked up on Fort San Christobal on the other side of the island.

I wasn't prepared for the inclines in Old San Juan. I'm smiling in this picture but my calves and heart were betraying me.

The night before we went to Plazas de America (the mall) and I picked up this little romper from F21. I foolishly packed only dresses so I had to go pick up some pants for the hike around the city.

The threat of Tropical Storm Emily forced the sun into hiding most of the trip but it was beautiful in Puerto Rico nonetheless.

Just some dudes playing a game of dominoes in the middle of the day...on a Wednesday.

You are looking at the mime...the street performer, aren't you?
Not me...I zoned in on the Marshall's bag in the background.
That meant there was a Marshall's nearby.
It was behind me when I took this picture.
I didn't go in.
But I slept better that night knowing that there was a Marshall's near me!

The final Puerto Reiko pics next...
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