A Gift and A Curse

One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that I always root for the underdog. 
If an injustice happens in my presence, I immediately speak up. 
If I see someone being treated poorly, I'm going to stand up and say something. 
If I see someone being wronged or if I'm being wronged, 
I will not take it. 
It rubs me the wrong way.
I wasn't always that way. 
I was very quiet as a kid.
I'm even quiet now, unless you know me. 
I can spend an entire 24  hours completely silent and not care.
But the muzzle comes off if any level of respect is compromised in my presence.
It's who I am. 

Some people love it, some people hate it, some people don't know what to do with it.
It makes some people uncomfortable. 
Ruffles their feathers.
But sometimes, it's okay to be uncomfortable. 

I'm open minded to a certain extent.
No one will convince me that clogs are cute but that doesn't mean I won't say that YOU look cute wearing them.
Just don't ask me to wear them, because I won't.
I'll try them on to amuse you. 
But I'm probably throwing up in my mouth the whole time.

I'm obsessed with people's behavior. 
I pay attention to patterns of behavior.
I'm looking even when you think I'm not.
I'm listening even when you're not saying a word.
I'm usually watching you, watch me.
I study people's body language. 
I'm telling you, I believe people's postures and how they carry themselves sometimes speak loader than all the screaming one can do. 
My minor was psychology in college...so that explains a lot.

Basically, I'm neurotic.

I know when someone is genuine. 
I know when they are being fake. 
Because I spend a lot of time watching and listening. 

The flip side of that coin is that I have some things I constantly work on.
I'm not awesome at forgiveness.
I'm not awesome at forgiving or forgetting.
I remember everything someone does to me...good or bad. 
Not much goes over my head even though I will let you believe that most times.
I keep track of untruths. 
I keep track of apologies. 
I also have a hard time operating in chaos. 
It throws me off.
I remember I used to spend summers with an aunt and she yelled alot.
Not because she was mad. 
But because yelling is what she did. 
Even if she was yelling for someone to take out the garbage, she was yelling it to the top of her lungs. 
I would get headaches.
I would beg to go home on the weekends so I could get some peace and quiet.
I still get headaches if there is a lot of chaos going on. 
I'm much more zen than my wardrobe reflects.

So, I'm going to spend 2012 trying to be more tolerant.
Still watching. 
Still side eyeing.
Still hugging. 
Still loving.
Still standing up for myself and others who can't.
 But much more tolerant of people who don't abide by the same code.

Target Vest
Target Pants
Urban Outfitters Top
Thrifted Scarf
Jessica Simpson Waleo Heels
Zara Plaitted Shopper Bag


Raunchy Holidays

Did I share with you that I don't consider it officially the holidays until I hear Silent Night by The Temptations on the radio?
I don't know what it is about that song. 

Welp...I finally heard it earlier this week.
Right after, a Nicki Minaj song came on...and just like that the holidays were over. 
Then I had the overwhelming desire to wear hot pink hair and dance provocatively.
Both of which I have and can do:)

 Gap Jacket (old)
Old Navy jeans
Old Navy Top
Steve Madden Cheeeky Heels
Zara bag
Nappy Rutz Earrings (found here)



I promise you that I was NOT trying to be a douche bag and use my cell phone as a prop.
The phone just so happened to ring while I was taking pics.
Please forgive me.
Remember R&B and hip hop videos in the late 90's? Everyone in the video was "allegedly" talking on the phone DURING the video. 
I look like an extra in a Jodeci video circa 1995 with that phone. 

Gap Sweater (Thrifted;My husband's...he won't know I borrowed it until he reads this post)
H&M Skirt


Christ Chic: Moments Like These

The hubby just returned from a business trip to Scotland.
He shared the story of one of his coworkers and the story was just too moving for me not to share with you.
His coworker was a self proclaimed agnostic.
(Stating facts...no judgement here:)
The coworker, let's call him Peter, told the hubby that he had an important event when they returned to Houston.

(Goodwill Dress, Steve Madden Heels, Zara Trench)

He was going to have his 1st Communion.
 The hubby laughed it off  (insert my fist) until he realized that Peter was serious.
Apparently, Peter went to Rome last year and of course he had to visit the Vatican.
I know I would. 

 Peter said he walked into the Vatican and for reasons unknown to him...he fell to his knees. 
He said he didn't expect it.
He later recalls the moment as God literally knocking him in the head. 
Today, Peter is enjoying his First Communion.

I'm not Catholic.
And I'm not trying to convert you.
Really, the message is for me.
I went to church today and didn't get anything out of the message.
(That happens sometimes)
But the story of Peter, my hubby's coworker, moved my spirit.

The fact that he didn't believe...had no intentions on believing...and just like that, his whole world changed. 
That's proof enough for me. 
I'm sending a "1st Communion" card to Peter.
Something so miraculous deserves to be acknowledged.
Forever 21 Necklace

(Keep in mind that my husband is telling me the story so I'm positive important details were left out. Peter may have had cinnamon pecan pancakes with the Pope and that was left out of the story!)

If you're not into the message, at least enjoy my dress from Goodwill. It's one of my favorite finds.
Plus, I'm carrying the American Apparel "inspired" Reiko Red clutch that was named after me by DIY Raven earlier this year. She closed down her shop though:(

 For my new followers, my Christ Chic posts are usually just what I wear to church:)


I Died A Slow Death

I have a lump in my gut behind this dress. I would slay this off the  body of any person who would dare wear this dress in my presence. 

(I'm going to spend all weekend on her site and worship it)

It is perfection. I need someone who knows how to sew to make this for me or gift it to me. Period. The end.

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Pushing the Limits

H&M Dress
Bag: Goodwill
American Apparel Turtleneck

So far, I've worn these motorcycle boots 9 days in a row. 
With dresses.
With jeans.
With pajamas. 
It doesn't really matter. 
They're perfectly rugged and comfortable.
No point in stopping now. 

While we are on the subject of "pushing the limits"...
What's with the turtleneck under a spring/summer dress, you ask?
It's my last ditch effort to wear one of my favorite dresses before Old Man Winter decides to show up.

If people can wear socks with sandals (not judging...even tried it once)...then I can wear my favorite summer/spring dress:)
If blogging has taught me anything...it's that you make your own rules.

What limits have you pushed lately...stylishly speaking?


Meals in Heels

I didn't quite make it to church today but I would've worn this. 
Instead, I ate cinnamon-pecan pancakes in this.
Which is almost a holy experience in itself. 
I said ALMOST.
I know from whence cometh my help:)

Gap Jacket (Old)
Dress: Dillard's
Sam Edelman Shoes
Bag: Goodwill

But later that day...I switched the jacket for a sweater and a scarf on the head.
But I ate left over spaghetti in it.

Sweater: Forever 21 (old)

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