GFS Series: She's a Friend In My Head...Mimi G!

I can't wait for you guys to get to know my next "Friend In My Head!"
It's Mimi of Mimi G Style!
She's something like a genius.
Everyone remembers what they were doing when Michael Jackson died.
Or when President Obama was elected.

I remember when I first discovered Mimi...well really it was this yellow skirt!
It was on Pinterest!
I was all like "I want that!"
Then, I clicked the link and found out that she MADE the skirt herself!
And just like that...an obsession was born!
She doesn't sew everything that she wears...BUT SHE COULD!

(She made this dress)

 She's a wife, a mother (She has an 18 year old!) a shopper, but most of all she is a bad ass seamstress!
She makes clothes that rival the stuff that you see in stores!
And she does it for fun!
Not because she has to...because she wants to!
Because of her many tutorials she provides on her blogs, I will be purchasing my first sewing machine in June!

Meet and enjoy Mimi!
 (She made those pants)

(She made that skirt)

 1. How would your friends describe your style?
My friends think I’m nuts for dressing up everyday, Lol but they are always the first to tell me how effortlessly put together I look.
2. Your friend wants to borrow your favorite dress. But you KNOW she can't fit it. She's bigger than you? What do you do?
I don’t ever let anyone borrow my clothes except my daughter on rare occasions and that is because I know where she lives, lol. I would tell my friend that she knows I don’t lend clothing and shake my head.

3. We all know you can sew your butt off! Do you ever have to tell your friends no because they keep asking you to make something for them?
First, Thank you! and YES! I am a selfish seamstress and my #1 pet peeve is when someone asks me to hem some pants or make them that thing I wore a few days ago. I have said NO so many times they just don’t ask anymore ;-)

4. Share a style secret that never fails you.
I always put on way more accessories then I need and then start to take them off until I get the right combo. I also go to jeans and a loose fitting top when I am uninspired and dress it up with jewelry, it never fails to work and it’s usually the outfit most people will comment on, lol

(She made that dress)

 5. What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to start sewing or at least learn how to make simple alterations to their clothes? *coughs*(Me)
LOL, I would say that there will be moments of utter frustration and that sewing takes time to finesse but it is the most gratifying thing you can learn to do and if you start off with simple projects (like my vide tutorials) *shameless plug* you will gain confidence to keep going.

6. Your husband calls you and says you have ten minutes to get dressed for a surprise date. All he says is to dress nice. (What does that even mean anyway!?!? I digress…)What do you wear?
I will pull on my LRD and some sky high heels, add some bling and off I go. “dress nice” doesn’t mean much to me because I dress up daily so my hubby would need to say “Glam it up baby” LOL

(She made that dress)

7. You have only $5 in your hand. Do you save it, buy a fashion magazine or buy your favorite junk food?
I can never hold on to money, EVER! Its like it starts to call on me to spend it so I would probably buy a new nail polish, lol

8. Your friend calls you and begs you to meet her at a restaurant to secretly check out her blind date. What do you put on?
 Black Leather Leggings, oversized sweater and boots just in case I gotta grab her and run!

9. Have you always been "style confident?" Do you even consider yourself "style confident?"
I don’t think I consider myself style confident or any other term like fashonista etc. I think that I just have always enjoyed dressing up and never feel overdressed so I know that when I put something on it’s because I love it and feel great it in and that is where the confidence comes from. When you feel like you look good you carry yourself that way ;-)
10. There is a fire. (You are required to be shallow for this question.) You have time to save only ONE article of clothing…what would it be?
OMG! first I would burst into tears that I have to leave all my clothes behind, lol then I would grab my DVF dress because it is my most favorite dress ever!

Bonus: You recently posted that you surprised your daughter with a new car. Can you surprise me with one? (You can see that sweet video here)
LOL, girl I think my bloggers paid for that car with the skirt orders ;-) THANK YA’LL
(She's referring to the yellow skirt in the first picture. She briefly opened up an Etsy shop to take orders for the skirt. I missed the boat)

Didn't I tell you!
Mimi, you are worthy! YOU ARE WORTHY!
After reading her answers, you KNOW she's now a friend in your head too!
(All photos are courtesy of Mimi G Style)

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You might make a few new friends!


My Doctor is a Cartoon Character

I was supposed to tell you about the event I attended in this post.
It was the launch of Eden BodyWorks products.
But I'm going to direct you over to Naturally Nicky's post because she did a superb job of recapping the event!
I had a fabulous time hugging all of my favorite bloggers!

Instead, you are going to read about my latest adventure at the dr's office.
Without going into unnecessary details, I was referred to an endocrinologist through my insurance company.
(Don't worry, I'm fine.)
I go to the appointment early.
I notice there are A LOT of elderly people in the waiting room.
I'm not judging.
I'm just saying.
I'm 36 years old.
I didn't ask questions.
I just sat and waited.
And listened to an older couple argue about the husband not wearing his depends the night before.

Still, I sat.
And smiled.
All while questioning if I'm in the right place.
Still, I sat.
Finally, my name is called.

I chat with the nurse for a bit.
Then I wait.
All of a sudden, I see the door slowly widen and I hear this slight yet creepy "eeeee" noise.
Then I see a WALKER enter the room before  I see a body.
The DOCTOR is on a walker!

African Jacket(worn backwards): Gifted by Key!
Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara

So, the doctor wheels in the room.
I had to actually help him sit on the stool.
He immediately says, "People think my brain is broken. It's just my hip."
I say, "Ummm, hi, my name is Reiko?"
I say my name with a question mark because I felt like I was being PUNKED!
He was not the least bit interested in knowing my name.

The doctor looks like a cross between Mr. Burns from The Simpsons and "Baby's" daddy from Dirty Dancing.
He starts to look at my chart and asked why I was there.
I told him that my insurance company referred him.
And he says, "I wonder why they did that."
I have the same question!
He goes through my paperwork, then looks up at me and says "So, you're gonna be an old mother when you start having kids?"

(Naturally Nicky and Rocquelle)

I think I made some type of noise and then answered with an immediate "side eye."
I say, "I guess...kinda??"
Then he tells me that it's okay because he was an older father...but much preferred being a grandfather.
The amazing thing is that I still sat!

 (Ashley of Medley, Inc. and you already know Rocquelle)

He then tells me the story of breaking his hip.
(He fell from the curb of his mother n' law's home after winning a game of Gin Rummy)
He goes on to share that he only deals with senior citizens and that I should go to another specialist.
Then offers me Thyroid meds.
Not because I have a thyroid problem.
Just because.

I say ok.
And made another appointment with him for next month.
I'm a glutton for punishment:)

Oh, I forgot to mention that he REEKED of CIGARETTES!
How do you have the bedside manner of a truck driver, look like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, smoke cigarettes, be on a walker...and still be a DOCTOR!
That Damn Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance company!

(I know the story doesn't match the pictures but you needed to know about my latest adventure!
Go to my FB page to see more pics of the event:)


The Girl Around Town

Remember this skirt?
Errr...well it once was a dress.
On a whim last week, I decided it would serve me better as a skirt. 
I'll find the link to how it once looked this week and link it:)

H&M Dress
Altered thrift skirt
Nine West Heels
Random clutch
Bracelets from Aldo Accessories
Earrings: My favorite "hood" beauty supply

The world isn't ready for my hoochie dress so I threw a skirt over it! LOL

(Photo taken with IPAD)

I had quite the busy week!
Check my fb page for some of the people I ran into!

Thank you Rocquelle for the photos!
(I'm always having camera issue...ALWAYS!)


Notice Anything Different?

I happen to know a lot of geniuses.
And because I know geniuses, I have a new blog look!

(Custom Illustration by Shanda Ferguson...keep reading to learn about her!)

Thank you to Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely for my new blog design!
She even customized my little leopard buttons!

Trust me, when I say, I am the least technical person you will ever know.
But SHE on the other hand...a genius!
Style Genius. Tech Genius. Friend Genius! Graphic Design Genius!
And she enjoys a good piece of cake just like me at our consultation meetings!

And my new GFS Header/Logo...thanks to the brilliant artistry of Atlanta's own Shanda Ferguson!
You know her. Remember she did my wedding portrait?
I told her I wanted to wear leopard shoes and a polka dot dress in my illustration and she went far beyond that!
It just dawned on me that I've never shown you guys a picture of her!
Did I ever mention that she is a model and actress too?
And can illustrate her butt off!

Thank you Shanda and Rocquelle for everything!



If you've been a long time reader of GFS, then you know I'm kind of intrigued by "little people." I have no idea why but I am. I watch all of the shows....Little People, Little Couple...it doesn't matter. 
I will watch it.

Today, I was "thisclose" to Dr. Jen Arnold from The Little Couple at the hospital where my nephew was just born.  I promise you, I freaked out. I walked right past her and literally squealed...then I scurried out of the way. She was talking to some more doctors/nurses...and I didn't want to be all like "OMG, I totally love you and your show. I have imagined running into you at the grocery store except I don't shop at Rice Epicurean stores because it's not in my budget!"

Instead, I made this half squeal/half gasp sound and hauled ass out of the hall! LOL!
I have no idea why. 
I didn't want to be all "stalkerish" like!
She actually helped in the delivery which makes the experience even more awesome!
Yes, I'm a coward.
Ralph Lauren Silk Shirt: Thrift Store
DIY cut off shorts
Parish Hilton Heels
Earrings/Bracelets: Aldo Accessories 
Bag: Zara


I Don't Smoke But He Does...

I don't smoke nor do I condone it...but he is David Bowie after all.
Big UPS to my husband for picking this T-Shirt up while on a business trip to Singapore. 
So glad he's back, all kinds of hell seems to break loose when he is out of the country. SMH

(T Shirt gifted by hubby; Target skirt; Jessica Simpson Heels, Aldo bracelets, H&M Scarf)

The t shirt took me everywhere this weekend. It took me to the grocery store (above) and to the gun show. (below)
You think we went to gun show for him, don't you?
Nope, for me too:)
Don't let the dimples fool you:)

P.S...thank you for all of the encouragement on my previous post!


Real Life

I know. I know. I've been missing in action.

I feel like I've written this post before. I probably have, I'm just too lazy to find the link.
I'm getting that urge again. I'm in a transition of sorts....again. This time last year, I found out that I lost my job. And I remember being surprised by it but not completely devastated.
(Evidence that I'm alive. Braids gone. Fro is back.)

I remember feeling nervous about not having a steady income but anxious that this could be the kick that I needed to do what I really loved. Then, God blessed me with another teaching job which I am still grateful because I like having money in my pockets.

But I'm going to be honest, my job does not feed my soul.  I know there are a lot of Joe Clarks and Michelle Pheiffers (Dangerous Minds) and Hillary Swanks (Freedom Writers) out there but teaching doesn't completely do it for me. (Finding bullet shells in my classroom might have something to do with it too....#justsaying)

I'm a good teacher. Don't get me wrong. My kids do well every year on their state tests but this is about feeding my spirit. More specifically my creative spirit.

 (I missed feeling my Fro! Yes, I really wear glasses.
 This picture makes me laugh)

While at church this past Sunday, I noticed a seminar coming up that will focus on "Discovering Your Gifts." I know what I can do well and I know what gives me the most joy...

1. I KNOW my gift is writing. (I have a degree in Journalism)
2. My absolute joy comes from personal styling. I get more enjoyment out of a one hour Skype session with a client  than an entire year of teaching.
3. I enjoy empowering women to dress for their bodies. Working with what they have.
4. I do have a knack for event planning.
5. I do have an eye for thrifting.
6. I've learned that my niche' may very well be personal styling for men. Believe it or not, I have more male clients than women. Men are surprisingly open for change.
7. I have not one desire to be a designer of clothes but honey, I've been known to have an ill fitting dress made into a bad ass skirt or top! I love to see the potential in clothing.
8. I adore my job as video stylist and personal stylist to R&B singer LeeLonn. I keep getting blessed almost on a daily with gigs. Two years ago, I NEVER would've thought that I would be in this line of work but I LOVE IT! Like LOVE!
(These Instagrams will have to do until I do a real outfit post:) 

Here's what I don't know...
1. How to channel all of the above into a career that feeds my soul and pays the bills. I'm especially inspired by people who stumble into a fulfilling career. I've learned to not limit myself to one thing. As Beyonce says, "I'm multi-faceted!"

That's where you come in. If Justin Beiber can become a superstar by singing on Youtube...surely my readers can help guide me in the right direction. (Doesn't hurt to ask:)

Any tips, leads, contacts, projects or even encouraging words for me? I have the resume', the portfolio, just need some direction.
(Or as we used to say back in the day... I need to "hit a lick")

On a side note...because of all of these thoughts, I do have some changes coming for God's Favorite Shoes soon. All good stuff.

Ready. Set. Go!

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