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My Husband...The Comedian

My husband dabbles in poetry/spoken word from time to time. He gets asked to perform at weddings and different events every so often. This was filmed during a wedding reception in October of 2012. Sometimes he practices his poetry in front of me but this one he wanted me to hear for the first time at the event.

Backstory: I was probably about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant during this time and all I was really concerned about was eating. When he got up to perform, I was listening but I was also eyeing the food servers to make sure they didn't miss our table!

The first minute of the poem, I was smiling and nodding until he started to try his hand at being a comedian! I was sitting up in the balcony so I noticed he kept looking up and people were laughing and rubbing my shoulders!

When he was done, I greeted him with a fist in the air. He thinks he's funny! This must be how Rihanna feels when Chris Brown writes a song about her! I actually loved the poem even though I wanted to run up to the mic and say that's not ALL true! LOL!

This kid...

Disclaimer: He may have been a little creative with the truth. I NEVER ask him if I look fat in a dress but I am guilty of losing ALL of his socks all of the time! The dryer eats them!
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