Princess Chic!

Somebody I know very well is about to have his 30th birthday on April 1st! He believes in all things Prince. Ironically enough, I have noticed numbers of Prince vintage T's popping up everywhere. I even bought the birthday boy a gray Purple Rain T-shirt for Christmas from Urban Outfitters and of course he worships it.

I even backdoored Urban Outfitters a month or so later and bought the exact same gray T-shirt in the men's department in a size Small because SOMEBODY would not let me wear his! (I got mine for 10 bucks too...sticking my tongue out:)

Then Beyonce' popped up with this fabulous Prince "Life is a Parade" T-shirt and I just about died! I pictured me rocking the heck out of it with jeans and red pumps! I found the shirt and of course it is on back order but I can't wait to wear it! B-day boy will get a kick out of it.

That's my Bday gift to the birthday boy...Me rocking a Prince T in his honor! That' a win, win situation!

...By the way...I tried to find a vintage Prince video on youtube or ANYWHERE on the web for this post....ummm...didn't happen...Prince does not play with his money or his image!

Can't say I blame him!


This Can Mean Only One Thing....

Spring is officially here. That means only one thing to me...DRESSES! Everybody knows I love dresses but I tend to put them in the back of the closet for the winter.

Well, it's time to break out your yellow and oranges and pastels! I went to Anthropologie a few days a go, purely out of boredom and Jesus Lord, there were just too many cute dresses.

Everywhere I turned, there were cute little dresses! They even have the Plenty by Tracy Reese dress that Michele Obama rocked on the cover of People Magazine a few weeks ago.

I tried on a few dresses...PURELY FOR FUN (dear fiance') and truth be told, my body has been betraying me during these winter months. I couldn't even fathom buying a new dress right now because I have some extra thickness in the thighs. That one visit to Anthropologie was enough to inspire me to join Weight Watchers. ( I really did:)

I couldn't imagine trying to squeeze some extra jelly in those cute dresses so for now I'll just admire from afar and enjoy my own dresses from my own closet. Everytime I hit a goal, I might splurge an accessory or something...who knows:)

So, I'll just post a few pics of the delightful pieces of heaven that I ran across but did NOT Purchase. One of the sales associates was dressed so cute that I had to whip out my cell phone camera and snap her. You can't really tell the detail on the blouse but it was BEA.U.TIFUL! She was a fellow Thick Lady and rocked every ounce well. She agreed to let me blog about her without hesitation.


Losing My Head!

I have really been into accessories as of late...especially headbands. I have a new hairstyle for Spring Break and needed something to jazz it up. I have been in the habit of finding cute headbands for a while for Small Fry but never for myself...that is until I needed an head upgrade myself.

The best places to buy cheap accessories is hands down Forever 21. Don't be scared to bump the teenagers out of the way to grab a cute pair of cheap earrings or scarves. I stumbled upon a few headbands and decided to indulge myself. Another great place is Urban Outfitters for the more quirky accessories but sometimes they lose their minds with their prices.

At any rate, as my Spring Break winds down...enjoy a few cute finds and a pic of me rocking a rose headband and a scarf (don't mind my eyes being closed...I was trying to practice putting eye shadow on).

Oh I have the one with the leaves too...love love love. While I was at it, I found some pics of wedding headbands/accessories for weddings from this site. I definitely think it's a possiblity for my bridal look:)

The very last pic with the black headband and birdcage veil is actually from Urban Outiftters. I have to keep that in mind when I'm shopping for bridal headgear!

I'll be back with something worthy of posting when I stumble upon it:)

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