Meet Reiko aka "GFS"

Stylist. Wardrobe Consultant. Writer. Blogger. Lover of Shoes.

Reiko is the master mind behind the personal style/lifestyle blog , God's Favorite Shoes™.
(And by "lifestyle"...she means HER life...and "she" is really me...but I have to type in 3rd person to sound official:)
Reiko's professional background is in Journalism and Education but decided to focus more on writing, all things style and pretty shoes. Who wants to die without at least trying to do something they remotely love?

With an extreme love for writing and wardrobe editing/styling, God's Favorite Shoes™  has allowed Reiko to connect with wonderfully talented and stylish people throughout the "blogworld."

Followers of God's Favorite Shoes™ have embraced her style and have come to look forward to her writing by way of personal comical rants.

Reiko resides in Houston where she is available for guest blogging, freelance writing, wardrobe consultations, personal shopping and image consulting for the "plain Jane" who wants to add a little life to their wardrobe.

God's Favorite Shoes™ accepts sponsor inquiries.

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