No Sugar, No Cream...

Random tank top (to cover the "I had a baby three months ago belly"...keeping it real)
Super old Target skirt
Boots from Steve Madden (2 years ago but they still have similar ones here)
Bag from H&M ( 2 years ago)

The moral of this post could be "wear what's already in your closet because you really need to spend your money on things like shelves from Ikea for the baby's room."

And Thank you so much AGAIN for supporting me as I try new things like Invisible Crowns and God's Favorite Surprises! I can't thank you enough. And more often than not, your kind words of confidence come on days when I'm not that confident! So thank you! 

And because I'm so corny....Enjoy this! 
(P.S., I don't even drink coffee lol! ) 


An Ode To My Favorites

 Hey! Did you give up on me, yet!?!?
I'm still around.
Still being a mama.
Still being an entrepreneur.
Still being a creative. 
Still here!

I joined the land of the living this weekend and went to a few events. When I got in the car, I was looking at the jean jacket that I am wearing in the first pic.
I straight up had a whole conversation with myself about how much I love this jacket!
I've had it for about 10 years.
Nothing special about it.
It's from the Gap.
But I love it!
It's perfectly broken in.
I've literally worn holes into each of the elbows (which I love).
There is a huge rip in the back of the collar.
But I'm obsessed with it still.
Like if I had to save ONE piece of clothing from a burning house, this jacket would get rescued.

Then I focused on this dress.
Then the necklace.
Then the combat boots.
And the bag that I've had for about 4 years now.
And I realized that my wardrobe is starting to become one that I've been wanting.
Where things are simple but speak to me when I wear them.
I'm very picky about the clothes I buy now.
They have to speak to me.
Because I just don't have the energy or space for things that don't inspire me. 
(That goes for people too)
This is getting way too deep of a post about a jean jacket and my favorite dress and favorite boots and favorite purse and favorite necklace, huh?!?

Boots from Ross (last year)
Bag from Zara (super old)
Necklace here (got it last year though)
Jacket from The Gap (at least ten years old)
I have worn this dress running  daytine errands and for date nights. Same dress, different ways.

How are you guys doing!?! I've missed you!
I'm still working to grow God's Favorite Surprises every day.
So hop on over there and spread kindness.
And if that's not enough of Reiko on these internets,
I've started another blog.
I fought so hard to not turn GFS into a mommy blog but it's such a huge part of my life now.
So I partnered with my friend and we created Invisible Crowns.
( @invisiblecrownsblog on Instagram here )
We noticed that there are so many mommy blogs that get so much attention but they all look alike. And none of them look like me.
None of them live like me.
Nobody ever really talks about deciding to start a family after the age of 35 and celebrating that.
So, we decided to create that space for ourselves!
Check us out!


He's Here!

This may come as late news to most of you if you follow me on social media but I still want to announce that the baby is here!

Zavier Sean was born healthy at 7 lbs, 2 ounces and growing every single day. He certainly is demanding and making his presence known in the house. He is a little over 3 weeks old now. Zara is a little slow on the "welcome the baby" train but she is getting there.
I only have a few minutes before he wakes up from one of his fake naps but I wanted to let you take a peek at Zavier Sean.
Also, as I continue to grow in my purpose and grow my business, God's Favorite Surprises, I will be taking you along as I grow as an entrepreneur. Right now, I'm focused on defining multiple streams of income. Gotta get my COIN game up!
Don't forget to order something nice for someone! Is it just me or does watching the news lately make you feel like the dark ages are upon us!?!? People are losing their minds for no reason. That's one of the reasons I started God's Favorite Surprises, to make a positive dent in the world!
See you soon!


The Calm Before The Storm


This will likely be the last post I do for a few weeks.
I will be actually delivering a few weeks early (which is finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee by me!)
I'm sure I'll be able to catch you guys up on Instagram and Facebook so make sure you follow me there! (There are also outfits on Instagram that never make it to the blog)
Wish me luck!
I am so ready to be un-pregnant!

Tank Dress worn as Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
As far as the outfit, I have to shout out Chastity of Garner Style because it is from her limited capsule collection with Rebdolls! When a buddy launches a collection, you find something to buy!
Everything sold out so fast that I was only able to grab this skirt. I hope they restock soon!
I intended to save this for post-pregnancy but I was too impatient...plus it has an ecstatic waist!
The material is fabulous, the color is vibrant and it has pockets!
It will most certainly be in rotation!
Congratulations Chastity on a job well done!




This weekend I hosted the GF Surprises Presents "Inspire Me" Brunch.
I wanted to simply gather like minded women who are established entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. I wanted to back out several times but I am a big believer in doing what I say I am going to do. Nothing irks my soul more than a person who doesn't follow through.
I'm so glad I followed through. It was exactly what I wanted. A room of women sharing stories on how they plan to or how they started their businesses. I am at that exact cross path between mommyhood and transitioning careers so being surrounded by people who have already done it is exactly what my spirit needed.
Now that the brunch has been checked off my to do list, I'm officially sitting down until the baby is born. I have a few more weeks to go so now I'm just going to focus on GF Surprises and nesting.

Dress from ASOS (Here)
P.S. Get used to Zara in my pics, she is my shadow. LOL

To see more pics from my networking brunch, check GF Surprises Instagram here
Thank you to everyone who came to share and to those who texted me their support.
I am considering doing a follow up social in December. I'm not sure yet.


The Default Dress

ASOS dress (sold out)
Rachel Zoe Sandals via Marshall's for $39
Forever 21 Sunnies

I've had this dress for over a year.
I tend to throw this on any time there is a daytime semi "dress like you are going somewhere" dress code.
Going to a baby shower?
Throw on this dress.
Going to a barbecue?
Throw on this dress.
Because it's easy.
It's thin.
And long.
Perfect for the summer.
(P.S.... a little over  a month before I deliver this next and LAST baby:)
What is your default dress code?
(Have you done something unexpectedly kind for someone? Click here to do it!)
Also, if you're in Houston, you still have time to sign up for the networking social hosted by me! Click here!


GFS Presents...

Dress from Urban Outfitters (Here)
Lace dress worn as Jacket: Forever 21
Heels: Aldo (here)
Clutch Cover: Clutched and Covered
7 More weeks to go!

Feeling a little Kim Kardashian-y in this look. 
Except my dress is not smushing the top of my baby's head. 
Just saying....

Also, If you're in Houston, I'm hosting a Networking Social. 
It's really small since this is my first time at it. 
I found that as I began to become involved with all things "entrepreneurship" that I didn't find a lot of  opportunities to mingle, network and learn from like minded women. 
And let's be honest, that's exactly how my business, God's Favorite Surprises was born. 

So, I have space for about 13 more people to attend. 
If you have a business or you are on the verge of starting a business, this could be the perfect event to hang out, nibble on bites, share and hear stories to encourage you. 
Which is the whole point really. 

If you are interested, please go to this Facebook Post and leave your email address. 
I will then send you an exclusive Eventbrite invitation to confirm your space. 
It should be fun!! 

P.S. Thank you all for the kind words of support about me launching my business! 
Be sure to check out the site and order something! 
Someone will love to receive your gift of kindness! 

Also, a special shout out to my Career Coach Lisa Lucario! 
When I had the itch to change careers, she literally was the first person I contacted and said, "I need to be a paying client. I need accountability." 
I still meet with her twice a month. It helps me stay focused and keeps me on task. 
You can find her here...and she does sessions via Facetime/Skype. 
It's worth it! 



The baby is here!
 Okay, not that baby, I still have 7 more weeks to go! 
But my other baby! 
My new business! 
I'm an entrepreneur officially today! 

( www.godsfavoritesurprises.com ) 

I've been working on this probably more than I have been focusing on the baby in my belly but I believe it is so worth it! 

God's Favorite Surprises is a personal concierge business/service where I serve as YOUR CONCIERGE OF KINDNESS! 

Everyone is busy these days and that often gets in the way of saying simple things like "Thank You or You Inspire Me" to the most deserving people in our lives. After a few chance encounters with me performing those simple random acts of kindness, a business was born! 

I'm excited beyond words to finally share with you. Mainly because it's something that I believe is needed. We have enough bad news bombarding us every single day, why not be a part of someone's good news!?!?

Click here to find out everything you need to know. And don't forget to share with your friends or better yet, Order something from me! This is truly a labor of love. 

Don't forget to follow God's Favorite Surprises in the following social hangouts! 

Twitter here
Facebook here
Instagram here

Here are a few quotes that have been my motivation throughout this process...

"I want to look back on this exact date a year from now and say, I am so glad I bet on myself!" (That's totally my own quote!)

"Create the things you wish existed" 

"Don't let someone who has done NOTHING tell you how to do ANYTHING!" 
Ummm hmmm! Preach! 

(P.S. I will still blog here but I also have a business blog that you can keep up with...
Here is the first business blog post....  click here
Wish me luck! A sister's got babies and bills!!! 
Be a part of the movement! 

Let me know what you think! 

Special creative shout out thanks to Dana of Pardon My Fro and Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely for rocking with me from beginning to end! 


I'm So Out of Practice!

First of all, I found my camera! 
Actually I found 3 of them! 
So ridiculous. 
So, I  thought why not actually use the camera. 
I'm so out of practice. 
I forgot how to be a blogger. 
I felt so awkward taking these pics which is why I took like 5 pictures and was like screw it. 
Zara was certainly not being cooperative. 
Hopefully this will spark a few more outfit posts throughout the summer. 
We'll see. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I'm working hard this summer...in this Texas heat...28 weeks pregnant trying to get my new business venture underway. 
I'm allowing myself until August 1 to move around and still shake. 
After that I'm shutting it down. 
I'm due August 20th-ish. 
So, I'm going to try to get as much done as possible before I have to go into infant baby mode for a while. 

Be sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook to be kept in the loop!
Oh and if you're in Houston,  I have something coming up small and intimate at the end of July that a few of you might be interested in. 

You can find my ASOS dress here...I need to get the length altered because I'm a shortie but I just decided to wear it anyway. I also changed the straps because I'm a busy body. FYI, ASOS dresses tend to run a little big. Hence, the overlapping in the back but whatever. I'm pregnant, I didn't care on this particular day:) 


One Picture, Soooo Many Words

(28 weeks pregnant)
If you only knew!
So much.
Just so much.
I'm sure you have figured out from the sporadic posts that I heavily contemplated closing down this blog.
Mainly because my life has changed so much and documenting my outfits just wasn't super important to me.
Then there's the whole "over saturation" of style blogs thing,.
How many outfits can I show you that are earth shattering?
Not that many.
The problem is/was that I have always blogged my life/journey/interests through my outfit posts so I felt like I would miss it if it were completely gone.
I didn't want to turn this into a mommy blog because seriously...aren't there enough of those lol!
So I just sat.
And worked.
And took care of my family.
And sat.
Started having more and more bad days at work.
Still super pregnant.
Kept feeling this shift in my spirit.
All of that was happening but yet I didn't know what to say here in this space.
I've never been great at small talk.
Ask my family.
They hate that about me.
Ask my friends.
It amuses them.
If I don't have anything meaningful to say at any given moment, I don't say anything at all.
I would much rather sit in silence and judge people. (Just kidding!)
I don't like filling up space with meaningless banter.
So I didn't want to do that here on the blog.
If you follow me on Instagram and on my Facebook you may have picked up a clue or two on what I have been focusing on for a while.
"Creating the things that I wished existed."
So long story short, I've been teaching for over 15 years now.
Every year, I grew unhappier.
Every year, I became deflated by the politics.
But it's job security, right?
Not these days.
Well, one thing led to another and this is my last year teaching...in the traditional sense of the word anyway.
I literally have 6 more days of teaching.
But I'm soooooo okay with it.
You have no idea.
This new development has now led me down the path of entrepreneurship.
A scary path.
An unknown path.
But a much desired path.
A path I had no idea I even wanted a year ago.
A passionate path.
I'm still ironing out the kinks now but please know that I will let you know when everything has launched.
I teach high school seniors and I'm always preaching "You can be anything! You can do anything!'
But I wasn't practicing what I was preaching.
I literally can not live another year and not follow my true path.
One that will hopefully inspire others to go for it.
The truth...
I'm scared as shit.
Not to mention that I'm 7 months pregnant as I type this.
And I'm turning 40 in 3 months!
What a time to make major life changes!
I'm scared.
But proud of myself.
And I'm more scared of NOT going for it than failure.
I'll be able to talk more about it soon.
Which leads me to the point of this particular post...
I'm not shutting anything down over here.
I love connecting with you guys.
And let's face it...
You get me.
The last few months have left me bubbling with things to share and I realize that I do have a voice on this blog.
A voice that resonates with so many of you.
There may be an occasional outfit post here and there because I still go out of my way to not look busted but moreso I want to take you along for this next chapter of my journey.
I don't have everything figured out. (Not like step by step anyway...)
But I do know me.
And if nobody is going to bet on me...
I damn sure will!
My ultimate goal is to make my husband proud of me.
For my children to think that I am fearless.
And for me to inspire other people.
I have 3 specific projects I'm working on this summer.
One of them is delivering this baby boy in August!
Thank you for riding with me all of these years!
( Photo above: I specifically chose to document this day. Pregnant belly and all because this is the day that I want to look back on and say "Man, I was scared about the future this day but I officially went for it. This is the day that things started to change." No make up. 28 weeks pregnant. Almost 40 but on my way to who I truly want to be.)
(Have you ever been scared shitless but excited at the same damn time? lol....please share!) 

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