Are Blogs Still Hot in the Streets?

I hadn't really planned on writing about this. 
It kind of just popped in my head. 
Then I thought, why don't I just ask? 
Are you over blogs?
(I realize the irony of that question considering you are reading my blog right now but just go with the flow!) 

Blogging has changed so much since I started about eight years ago. 
It's a great way to make money now. 
I wasn't even thinking about that when I started blogging! 
I regret being behind the cuve ball on that! 
I am now trying to find new ways to monetize what has been my special little corner of the internets but it's hard out here in these streets. 

A lot of blogs have come and gone. 
But what makes you stick around? 
Do you have any die hard blogs that you still can't wait to read every day/week?
Do you think social media such as Instagram and Snapchat are easier to digest than whole blogposts?
Are you over them? 
Tell it! 

Dress here 
Bag is my old favorite, no longer available from Zara
Shoes here
P.S. I am loving mixing silver and gold jewelry together lately

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