Patience is NOT My Ministry!

I am literally waiting on some news and a few other things to happen right now. 
Like literally waiting on a specific call to come through that will ultimately affect my life in the next few years. 
But I've been waiting for over a week. 
And it's killing me! 

I'm trying to be all zen and all like "whatever happens is supposed to happen when it is supposed to happen," but really I am screaming inside. 

I also am waiting on the baby boy to walk! 
He turned 1 a few weeks ago and I know he can do it. 
He has taken two steps sporadically but we are still waiting on one solid stride to happen. 
The crazy part is that he can climb a full flight of steps with great ease!

But, I am still waiting nonetheless. 
I am sure there is a great scripture about patience that I could google. 
But I really just want things to happen already!!! 


You can find this ASOS dress here...I have it in 4 colors because I'm obsessed. 
You can't see the shoes but here they are and on sale! 
My necklace is sold out from Zara but here is a really cute one from Forever 21
Bangles here ( I usually buy 3 sets at a time)

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