All day the word grateful has been swirling in my spirt. 
So here are some things I am grateful for lately...

NINE WEST Indira Heels found here 

1. I am grateful to celebrate my 5th year wedding anniversary this week! Can you believe it! It's been 5 years! 
2. I am grateful that we will be enjoying a much anticipated anniversary vacation near a beach! 
3. I am grateful that I don't look like what I have been through in the last year, especially the last month! 
4. I am grateful that I serve a God that does not keep a running tab of all the things he has done for me or how many times I have let him down. I would be in trouble if he did. 
5. I am grateful that my little baby boy is about to celebrate his first birthday in a few days!

What are you grateful for?

Set: Grassfields (here) 

Truth Zone: I ordered this two piece set from Grassfields. They specialize in African print modern pieces. You know I'm the queen of alterations so I took it to "my people" to get a few adjustments done. I had to almost re-design the top because I am soooooo top heavy. So my tailor and I decided to rouche the top and make it into a bikini top. Also, I am a shorty and I felt that the print was too overwhelming for my height so I had it turned into a midi skirt to show a little skin. I bought it for my anniversary trip to (Cancun) so it is the perfect piece to bring with me. (My 5 year wedding anniversary is this Saturday:)  Overall, I do enjoy Grassfields for their price points. Nothing a little visit to my favorite tailor can't fix. 

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