When Doves Cry

I can't even find the words to describe this week. 
Election week. 
One for the books. 
Still trying to find the words. 
Instead, I will let you into my random thoughts...

1.  I need to call my brothers (my real biological brothers) and tell them to be careful. They are for sure a direct threat to anyone who fears tall, strong, black men. No really. 
2. People are going to take this win and allow it to justify (and expose) the true hate in their hearts. 
3. I'm scared for my children. They are going to grow up in a society where being OPENLY hateful will be tolerated and sometimes celebrated. 
4. How do I teach my children to have a strong sense of self but still be careful with their words because everyone doesn't care for them the way that mama does. 
5. I can't allow this "win" to dictate how I am going to handle myself. I was dope before "the win" (I refuse to type his name) and I'm dope after this win. I refuse to allow this to diminish who God says I am. 

6. God is really in control. 
7. This is really going to empower those cowards who have no souls and already suffer from the God Complex to be even more blatantly bold against minorities.  
8. Why does the Electoral College even exist in 2016?

9. I'm going to miss President Obama and MY First Lady Michele! 
10.  I can't believe Michael Jackson and Prince are really dead! (Still not over Whitney either)  

But most of all...get into this cape t-shirt! I'm allowed to be shallow at a time like this!

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(Side note: I have dropped a few pounds since this summer, (24 to be exact) so it was hella hard to do this photo shoot at a yogurt shop!)

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