Hot Sauce In My Bag! (Anniversary Time!)

Guess what! 
Today marks an exact year that my little business, God's Favorite Surprises has been in existence! 
Well, at least publicly!
That was the first time that I publicly introduced my new venture (really an adventure) to you! 
I am so proud of myself. 
Because I kept with it. 
I'm still trying. 
I'm still going. 
How many can really say that? 
Like really. 

It's not easy. 
It's not always rewarding. 
But I believe in it. 
I believe in the movement probably even more than I did a year ago. 
To suprise someone who has invested in you with a simple gift of gratitude. 
That's all to it really. 
It's not about the expense. 
It's not about the card. 
It's about the simple gesture of letting someone know that they are dope. 
We all get busy. 
We all have something pressing to do. 
And that's exactly why my business exists, to fill in the gap for you. 
I saw a need for something and decided to fulfill that need. 
And really, considering what we see in the news EVERYDAY, can you really argue with the spirit of my business at all?

I had to take my off cutesy heels for this shot! LOL The things we do so that our pretty shoes won't get ant infested!

Nine West Heels (Here)

My next post will be a reflection on my first year as an entrepreneur and what's next for this year. 
For now, I'm going to have the hubby make me a Lemon Drop Martini and work on the Anniversary GiveAway fro God's Favorite Surprises. 
See you next week. 

And not for nothing, if you have been "waiting" to do something. 
Waiting for the perfect timing...
Just do it. 
So you can look back a year later and say I DID IT. 
(Mind you that I was 8.5 months pregnant when I launched!)
(I said the real cuss word in my head) 

P.S. You can purchase the limited edition "You Are So Dope" tee right here!
Buy one for you but most importantly, let us surprise somene with it FOR YOU!
That's what we do! 

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