GFS Series: She's A Friend In My Head...The Werk! Place

You've got to get to know her. I will be honest. The green dress in the first two pics did it for me. I saw this outfit and went around slapping people in the face. She killed it! Just killed it! I've been following The Werk! Place for a few months now and I found myself smiling at each outfit because SHE DID THAT! It's high time that Tiffany becomes a "Friend in Your Head!"

1. How do you get dressed first? Do you build your around accessories, shoes, mood, etc?
It’s usually one “inspiration piece” that will get the party started. It will either be the shoe, the necklace, the shirt, or the piece of the moment that will be the catalyst for creating the look.


2. You get invited last minute to a birthday party. You don’t want to spend money on a new outfit…what would you wear?
I have several little rompers that I would throw on. It really depends on where we’re going. Romper + Blazer/cardigan + Flat Sandal = Cutesy Birthday Swag

3. Choose: Kim Kardashian’s style BEFORE Kanye or Kim’s style AFTER Kanye?
Definitely 112% Kim Kardashian PRE Kanye.

4. What do you wear now that you never fathomed wearing even five years ago?

Platform shoes! But they redesigned them such that they elongate the leg, add a few inches and look absolutely fabulous!

5. What piece of clothing do you have in your closet that you refuse to get rid of even though you KNOW you aren’t going to wear it? Why are you holding on to it? (If it’s cute, can I have it…Kidding…unless you gonna do it:)
I’m pretty good about doing regular closet dumps to my local consignment store and Goodwill center. So, whatever is in there is game to wear.

6. You have ten minutes to get dressed for a surprise date. All he says is to dress nice. What do you wear?
My closet stays stocked with cute little dinner dresses. I would just close my eyes, spin around in my closet and pick one. Once I have the dress, I would accessorize with a statement necklace, cute clutch and some banging heels. Then I’m out the door!

7. How would your friends describe your style?
Unique, a little quirky and unexpected.

8. Your friend calls you and begs you to meet her at a restaurant to secretly check out her blind date. What do you put on?
I’m going for cute and casual: Blazer, pants, top, heels and statement accessories. I want to be cute enough to remember just in case the blind date has any eligible cute guy friends.

9. Does your occupation as an engineer influence your style in any way? Do you dress differently at work to be “work appropriate?”
Nope not at all, if it did, I wouldn’t have my blog and no one would like anything that I was wearing! Engineers usually have a different little uniform…whatever is clean, comfortable and readily available.

10. Complete this sentence: You know I’m having a bad day if you see me wearing the same sweats pants and t-shirt multiple days in a row.

Bonus: If you could have the wardrobe of any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Hands down SOLANGE KNOWLES! She has grown to become one of my favorite style icons. I love the way that she effortlessly mixes patterns and prints. I always look to her for fashion inspiration.

Tell the truth. You're hooked on her too?!?
Umm hmm.
Told you!

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GFS said...

I absolutely love her style. Amazing!

GFS said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

GFS said...

OMG, I'm smitten!! I saw her in the green dress on your Pinterest board, but after this post, I'm adding her to my Bloglovin list! Great feature dear.

GFS said...

Yep, her style is KILLING me.

GFS said...

Thank you so much!

GFS said...

She is #sofierce.

GFS said...

I love her as well! That green dress was everything, when I saw her with it on, I went ballistic! Too fierce! Those shoes I wanted as well, but they sold out months ago and I was too through! Cannot find them anywhere, when I went to order, did not have my size and they haven't restocked yet, but are on Ebay for 200! I hate that!!!

GFS said...

Ummm hmmm me likey this chick! Now we are going to have to say WWTWPD?! I love her print mixing and I really really want her to give me that green dress! (I've noticed that we ask people stuff, is that weird?...Nope, not to me either!!) Great questions, you crack me up!
Your real life friend (I still want you to do a blog post of my weekend!)
J-Beeeeeezaaay *In Sean's voice*

GFS said...

Great Interview!! Love Tiffany's style :)

GFS said...

I am loving her style!

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