Cough... Hey Girl!

What's up! I am literally writing this knowing full well that it may not reach many. I haven't posted since 2016! But that's about to change! I missed this space! I missed being able to share tidbits of my day along with a style post here and there.

The truth is I didn't know how to navigate the space anymore. I felt like having kids and writing about it would completely be the nail in the coffin for my style readers. So I tried to create spaces where the two (being a mom and being style blogger) were exclusive. So, I lost my way.

Honestly, I was running away from being a mommy blogger who was sharing "tmi" about potty training. But that's who I am. (Not the "tmi" part) Along with still being a teacher (I will fill you in on that soon), trying my hand at a new business and still caring about cultivating my style.

Then I realized why do they have to be separate? God's Favorite Shoes means more than just a cute shoe. I will share more on that later.

So, really this post is just to say I will be back. You will see changes and there will be a completely new look and vibe being unveiled in March. If you are still reading, drop a comment and tell me what you would like to read more about? Parenting? Teaching? Style? Marriage? Or just say hi!  (I'm not promoting this post on social media so this will for sure only reach my old faithfuls!)

Hey girl!!!

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