I went to FASHION WEEK!!!!!! I am important!!!

Actually, the title is a little misleading. If you call sitting on your sofa at 6:30pm in your pajamas eating and blogging before a friend calls and invites you to a fashion show free before 9pm...then yes I went to Fashion Week. The truth is Boris Kodkoe, the hottie from The Soul Food Miniseries, was launching a clothing line and invited the public (the first 100 people could get in free). Let me tell you, I like FREE. I am proud yet embarrassed to announce that my friend and I were literally el numero UNO y DOS (first and second for all you slackers:)

My friend knows I am into clothes and invited me. Long story short, we got there first, we people watched, I got sleepy, took a couple of pictures and was back in bed to watch Will and Grace. I wish I could say that I am getting old but I have never been one to go out.
It was kind of cool to pretend that I was part of the media as a pretend blogger although I don't even have a camera but you couldn't tell me nothing. This was my 1st LEGIT fashion show. Church fashion shows don't count.

Supposedly Kid Capri was supposed to dj but when we got there, of course it was BUTT early so they had other dj's. I would call it a party if people were dancing and if the DJ didn't have a penchant for playing 80's Old School R&B. I am talking about songs like " Ain't nothing going on but the rent. You got to have a J.O.B. if you wanna be with me". (You have to be over the age of 30 to know that one right there).

Anywho, the show started and Sir Hotness...aka. Boris introduced the line. I am not quite sure how Boris is tied into the company but he was hustling. He even encouraged the average person to become representatives/consultants for the company...I guess kind of like selling Avon but not so much?

I don't know if it was his own brainchild or if he is just the celebrity spokesperson but he seemed genuine in his interest. The line is called ZIAMI and it is for men and women. I think the niche is for the everyday person to wear affordable custom fit clothes. Some of the stuff was cute...especially the men's line. Shirts were 30 bucks and suits were around $100 and up. The line also monograms all the orders for you...if you are into that sort of thing. It sounds like a great idea but something tells me they probably only go up to a "certain size' for custom clothes but hey everyone in the world can't be Real Woman sizes:) It's definitely worth looking into though because the prices were phenomenal and I actually like the stuff.

Anyway, I scooted my first in line tail right up there with the professional photographers and whipped out my camera phone. I dared anybody to make me move or I was going to get really loud! Not really...I would have scurried away like the coward I am:( But luckily, I saw other camera phones too. By the way, this Blackberry Pearl camera phone is pretty darn good!

I took a few shots and then the sleep started to really creep up on me. We decided to leave but I would have called it a successful night out anyway because otherwise I would have been home watching reruns of Project Runway until I fell asleep on the sofa...basically my nightly routine.
As we were leaving, we ran into Kid Capri. WTH? How are you the DJ and you are just walking in the door! We stopped him and let him know that Houstonians partied on time. His response..."We do it all night long in New York". That's when I glanced at the time and felt embarrassed...it was only 11ish.

That didn't stop us from chopping him up:) He was cool and took a quick pic with my trusty camera phone and we were out.

All the pics in this post were taken by me, obviously, with my camera phone. So if a pic is not clear...let's just call it "artistic". Heck, I am so gangsta, I am going to use only the pics I took for this post meaning I am not going to shoplift more professional pictures from the internet or Boris's website. I believe in me. YES. I. CAN.
Here is the link to Boris's clothing line for your perusal. http://ziami.com/ws/

So in the end...I did go to Fashion Week! HA! By the way, that's me on the red carpet. Granted my friend took the pic with my phone and we were first in line so we had time to play celebrity...but it's stil the red carpet...actually it was blue:)

You know, the more I think about it...the clothes in this line look alot like the clothes sold at Zara's (in the Houston Galleria and they have more in NY). The clothes are cut more European style which I am not completely convinced works for us curvy women but it would be a great gift/investment for the men in our lives:)


MarriedToIt said...

You are silly. I love the pic. they came out good even for a camera phone. Yes, I know we forgot to bring our digital camera. Blame it on baby brain we were trying to get her to his mom's get back home and get dressed in 2hrs. Its not easy you know he's a fashion diva.

Karla said...

Love your Red Carpet pic. And thanks for the morning crumbs of Boris Kudjoe in my inbox. A nice way to start the day!

Raven said...

I had to stop by to get my fashion fix for the week! Love the red carpet look! FIERCE!!!!

Reiko! said...

@Karla...thank you...I knew someone would appreciate the Boris Kodjoe for coffee:)

@raven. Thank you girl, I do try! Love your page and I am still shaking my head at you know what. In.Cred.Ible.!

Reiko! said...


Yeah, yall lose at the camera issue but I'll let yall pass since there is a baby in the scenario:)

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