We All Have A Little Diana In Us!

Today is going to be a good day...I woke up and caught one of my favorite movies from the beginning.


I love that movie...The clothes, LOVE IT!. Billy Dee Williams (I know most are too young to even know who he is...heck I am too to be honest)...but love him!

I love the end.
Brian: "Do you want me to help you with your landlord, lady?"

Tracy: "Hell, no! I want you to get me my old man back."

Brian: "Madam, if you really want your old man back, are you prepared to stand by him when the going's getting rough?

Tracy: "Yes!"

Brian: "Madam, would you be willing to put your imagination to work on behalf of the cause he's fighting for?"

Tracy: "Yes!"

Brian: "Madam, would you love and cherish him for the rest of your life?"

Tracy: "Yes!"

Brian: "Madam--"

Tracy: "Yes?"

Brian: "If you're willing to do all that, I guarantee you I'll get you your old man back."

Tracy: "Then, mister, you've got my vote."

Love it!! Is the movie cheesy? Yes? Could it have been a better production? Probably but I still love it so:)

This feels like this is about to be a random post so I will just leave you with a clip of the movie.

THAT CLUTCH AND HAT AND CAPE in the first part of the clip...I WOULD SO ROCK THAT TO DEATH! That ensemble gives me the chills. I would wear it to go to the grocery store and look at people stupid if they stared at me!

Now sing with me...Do you know where you're going to...

Come to think of it...I dress with a little Diana Ross influence...I love big sleeves and fitted bodices. We all have a little Diana in us don't we?

And I would SOOOOO wear this striped caftan in the following clip! I SO WOULD!

**update** It's 10:14pm and I am flipping the channels... WHY AM I WATCHING the video Mirror, Mirror by Diana Ross! Weird...and I am jamming too!! Love the big hair and the big sleeves!**


MochaTrina said...

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Where are you going to?

Do you know? I think those are the lyrics. Man, what channel did that come on?

beth said...

love your blog! found your post on sits and decided to stop by. i'm so glad i did! oh, and i feel the same way about dirty dancing. i fully appreciate how cheesey it is and love it anyway!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Mochatrina...I think it was on the Starz channel. I sat and watched the whole thing too!

@beth...thanks for stopping by. Don't even get me started about Dirty Dancing!

MochaTrina said...

Cause I...had the time of my liiiife and I owe all to you.....

Dang I don't have stars. Boooooooooooooooooo! Not yet AT&T on the 6th.

Shretha said...

I love the mahogany clip. It is so you. You know it reminds me of the piece on Dreams Girls where Jamie Foxx was admiring Beyonce'. They was bitin off of mahogany.

Stacy said...

ive never seen that movie but i want to now

and i agree with beth about dirty dancing - so cheesy, but i love it!


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@ Stacy...Great movie! Rent it!

Ms Cupcake said...

Now following your blog!

budget chic said...

That was a great movie, I have to get that on DVD!

My @ tha Hotness said...

Diana is hella FLY!!!!

GFS said...

It's so funny but as a teenager I LOVED Mahogany, Diana Ross is so hard to resist even though a lot of her songs are so depressing at the time I had no idea. I just loved beauty. That's the one thing I hate about getting older and having life experience. I now understand what she meant by the song Upside Down and lyrics like "Wasn't it me who said that nothing good's gonna last forever?"

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