Psychology 101

I am a Virgo, which means that I am overly analytical. On top of that, I minored in Psychology to "mask the crazy!" I believe that everything has a reason for happening, and it is my sole purpose on earth to figure the reasons for everything! With that in mind, I must say that today was quite the day for reasoning and statistics in my head.
Does it mean something that I counted how many steps it takes to get from my car to my desk at work? 468 steps to be exact. Does it mean something else if I counted how many steps it took from my desk back to my car at the end of the day? 398 to be exact. I am almost certain those numbers are significant and mean a great deal!

Does it mean something else if I felt heavily sedated on my drive home from work, even though it was broad day light? Does it mean something that as soon as I got home, I went straight to the shower? Is there a reason why I literally sighed aloud over ten times while taking that shower? I'm talking about like I was auditioning for a Garnier commercial! I even caught myself whispering "yes, yes" to myself! When I caught myself, I looked over my shoulder like an idiot as if anyone could hear me except my dog!

While I ponder what all of this means, here's the outifit I wore today.

 I loved this look as long as I was standing still  because any time I was in motion, the skirt kept bunching! That annoyed the hell out of me! I even limited my trips around the building at work today to avoid my inside voices screaming to the top of their lungs! Don't judge me...I minored in Psychology in college...that makes me normal!

P.S....I'm thinking the shorter trip back to my car at the end of the day had something to do with me RUNNING to my car! LOL


Kelsey Kim said...

Love the tights!! I bought a skirt recently, and it constantly rides up in the front like I have some serious static cling. It's the most annoying thing ever, so now I won't wear it. Also a virgo here, so know how your feeling!!

Emily Kennedy said...

I love that you wore a colorful shirt! And I detest the feeling of my skirt bunching. My word it is so yuck.

Regardless, you really rocked the outfit!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I am a virgo also and I overanalyze eer'thang:) It annoys my hubby! He is a virgo, but I believe there is a big difference in the August virgo versus the September virgo, lol! That is crazy I know, but I've been doing some research:) lmao! Do you see a pattern here? Love the outfit!!!!

LisaDay said...

I agree. There must be a reason for the difference in numbers. When you figure it out, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is how a checkered shirt is supposed to be worn!!!!!"You better work...do your thang..on the runway...work... turn to the left (work)...now turn to the right..." Sorry...I'm feeling very EXTRA today.

Double Wide Mom said...

LOVE the outfit, especially the tights! I've been noticing more hose as of late. Like good old, often control-top, pantyhose. And slips do wonders for those skirts that bunch. Does anyone else remember slips and pantyhose? (Gee I sound like grandma!) LOVE your blog!

CaneWife said...

Great outfit! I love the tights!

Kyla said...

This. Looks. AWESOME!

drollgirl said...

YOU LOOK FAB!!! and i hate when i have on an outfit that bunches or needs tugging or shifting, but sometimes the stuff is just SO CUTE that i have to wear it, consequences be damned!

p.s. i am not a virgo but i overanalyze and agonize over everything. it is annoying, even to me, but whaddya gonna do. :)

prashant said...

I detest the feeling of my skirt bunching. My word it is so yuck.
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Marsha (BrownFace) said...

Hahahahahaha...Girl yes, I feel the analytical PAIN!!! I am loving this whole look!!!

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