A Graham Cracker Just Saved My Life

I am not kiddng when I tell you that a graham cracker just saved my life. A few weeks ago, I made a conscious decision to be healthier. It's not something I plan to blog about often, if at all because if I  fail, then you will know me as a loser. I AM NO ONE'S LOSER HONEY! So there will be no talk of pounds and all that mumbo jumbo. Trust me, you will know if I hit my goal though...because there will be alot of posts of my shoes with me wearing NO CLOTHES. (I'm not joking...okay, I am...but only a little:)

Anyway..........the point is that I have been eating moderately and doing all of the right stuff. More water, less junk...way more excercise. Well, I have this relationship with cookies. If you've been reading my blog for a while...you know that I have been dating The Double Stuffed Golden Oreos since I discovered them last year. It's a toxic relationship really. Every time I break up with them, they go on sale and then I make up with them again.

So, self control with cookies doesn't work for me. I am by no means depriving myself but I know my limits and I have no limit when it comes to cookies. They simply CAN'T BE NEAR ME. So, yesterday I decided that I needed something "cookie-ish". Soooo...I decided to take the lesser of evils and eat a cinnamon graham cracker!  OMG! Here are just a few things that happened when I bit into it.

1. The room got brighter.
2. I broke into the River Dance
3. I heard birds singing in the trees of Sierra Leone.
4.  My IQ rose about ten points.
5.  I had an overwhelming desire to run a 30K marathon!
(I'm wearing a dress from the Lloyds of London line for Target. I should have worn my favorite belt with it. Instead I wore a gold thrifted belt. Target is really doing great things these days:)

I say all that to say that the graham cracker was good:)
(Necklace: Courtesy of Mish Dish Accessory Collection...click here for her Etsy Shop)

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. A few years ago, I lost my mind and tried to do the Dr. Ian diet (FatSmash Diet). I went for days without any breads or sugars. I ordered a salad and forgot to "hold" the croutons...let's just say the crouton saved my life that day!

By the way, this is what the Target model looks like in the dress:)
And here are the sandals, I'm wearing. I've had these since last summer. I'm not sure why they aren't cheaper now:)

Steve Madden "Devinne" Sandals found here

Oh...Thank you to Gi Gi from Gi Gi Goes Shopping for my interview/feature. You make me sound way cooler than I really am:


FashionAddict said...

Oooooo, I just ADORE this dress on you! You have been looking extra amazing lately :)

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I saw dress on internet and thought it is pretty, but I cannot pull it off like you do!

Looks so pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I discovered your blog thru Gi Gi's feature of you & can I just say how glamorous, fabulous, & HILARIOUS you are? I'm so mad that I just found this! I went all the way back to august's posts before I had to stop (my stomach was cramping from all of the laughter)! The post about the crackhead almost snatching ur camera was particularly funny... I'm actually still chucking... But anyway, you look great! I can't wait to see more

Ro said...

I'm convinced...
You are INSANE!!
I had to contain my laughter..

But 1st. I LOVE and Adore that dress on you.. the one shoulder is giving me what I need Honey!
and when you hit goal....go ahead and give that to ME!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh : ) This made me laugh and laugh! I LOVE that dress. Wow. So gorgeous! Just lovely.

I am so glad you are NOT going to turn this into a diet blog. Truth be told, I get SO sick of my friends posts about how many calories they ate and how far they walked etc. It just does not make me a happy blogger : )

Happy Spring! So glad you have a new love affair with the healthy graham cracker.

Onika said...

Hey There! Don't you love it when something that you know is good for you(or at least not that bad for you) tastes great?! It's a bonus every time.That's how I feel about avocados. And dark chocolate. They save my life every day. You look lovely in that color!

Becky said...

I just had the same revelation with no fat fig newtons. They're still not as good for you as graham crackers, but it's still better than oreos! Yous look fierce in that maxi-dress!

Emily Kennedy said...

That dress is amazing on you. Way beautiful.

Did you know that one of your blog posts is the reason that I first tried Double Stuffed Golden Oreos? They are wicked good. But now I think I need to have a cinnamon graham cracker. You're persuasive.

Onika said...

oh hey p.s. I lost 110 pounds about 6 years ago and then a bunch of baby weight last year :) I was snooping around on Kyla's blog and I saw you asking her about it. If you want to chat about it, let me know!

alltumbledown said...

This dress is beautiful, and you look just amazing in it. Wow.

Writing Without Periods! said...

I had the exact same experience with gin last night...one drink and I'm in a beautiful purple dress. You look fabulous.

Bibliomama said...

THEY MAKE DOUBLE STUFFED GOLDEN OREOS??? er... I mean, good for you. Way to go. You kick the crap out of the Target model.

The Drama Mama said...

Stopping in from SITS. I think this dress looks better on you then the model. Your curves make it look much better then the pencil does. Happy Friday!

Doube Stuf Golden Oreos are the devil, I tell ya. I'm having a love affair with the chocolate cream ones. So NOT good for a diabetic.

Elaine said...

I have no self-control when it comes to cookies either!! or cake... or chocolate. Eek..

Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Cindy said...

girl those steve madden shoes are sick! love em. and I love your style.

visiting from sits

KengeB said...

You know I dont post I usually just read and talk about it when I see/talk to u. But this is funny and Im at work wanting to jump out the window "GIVE ME FREE" so here goes....U are silly! I was going
to ask you to babysit but Im scared you might jack Ga for her girlscout cookie snack. You look great in the dress and when I get some funds injected into my situation we need to go shopping me and my husband have planned a date night and I need sometime cute and new to wear.

KengeB said...

ok WRITING WITHOUT PERIODS! Now that was funny!!!!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Happy SITS Saturday! Love the dress, I have the same cookie issue. I'm good about not buying them but my husband came home with a bag of them and cream cheese icing this week, an I ate them. I need some cookie self control!

Chennifer said...

that dress is amazing on you!

hope you have a great time at the gym - I just came back from there (and learned a new lesson - eat before you go or you might throw up from exhaustion)

jappy SITS Saturday sharefest

Kyla said...

You look awesome in that dress! Actually, way better than the model even :)

Congrats on going for the healthier lifestyle! And in answer to your questions from last week, I don't know if I have gone into much detail about my weight loss on my blog. Back in 2008, I joined Weight Watchers and lost 35lbs. It was by far the best thing I could have ever done for myself and has impacted my life in ways I could have never imagined. It's a very sustainable program, and I still stick to it in order to maintain my weight. I'm actually now a leader and love it!

You're doing good stuff for yourself, so keep it up!

Christen said...

Yay for graham crackers! I'm glad you've found something to satiate your sweet craving. That's a hard thing to do. And you look FABULOUS in that dress!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! And I must say you look amazing in my creation. You really know how to merchandise the jewelry.

Don't get all crazy with the diet..it's all about balance.

BODY. MIND. SPIRIT. balance.

xoxo bloggy godmother

budget chic said...

Hey lady, you look relaxed and fabulous. Frankie Beverly is just in chill mode. I see he loves the camera. LOL. I also got this dress, I found it on the clearance rack for $25, I'm making some alternations to the one I have right now. Good thing we don't live in the same city......girl. We like too many of the same things! LOL that okay. Great fashion mind are always in sync!! :-)

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