Roses and Thorns

Every week I have my students share their Roses and Thorns. Basically, they share something good and not so good with the class that happened during the week.  I tell them that if they share a thorn, they have to back it up with a rose. So let me practice what I preach...

1. Attended the funeral of a friend this weekend.
2. My car is starting to make bubbly stomach noises.
3. I almost lost my dog again today. I took him outside to let him do his business. I got distracted and went back into the house. I didn't notice he was missing for about 30 minutes.
4. Found out one of my students has cancer.
5. My feelings kinda got hurt this week...had an argument with someone I love. I hate when that happens...but what's the point of arguing with someone you don't love, right? RIGHT. Hopefully, that someone will get that I'm really an Angel on earth who wears pretty shoes and trips and falls and likes to skip (without falling, of course) down the yellow brick road of happiness rather than pick fights:) I digress...

*5 thorn limit*

1. My dog is too stuck up to become homeless so he chilled in my neighbor's yard until I remembered that he existed. (He was a stray when I got him so I think he rebels against the thought of ever really running away)
2. I'm alive.
3. God loves and God forgives...and so shall I...within reason of course.
4. I finally wore this thrifted Indian silk dress that I got for 2 bucks earlier this year.
5. I finally got to the gym once this week to release some frustration...and then ate a fried chicken sandwich right afterwards. (That's gotta count as a double rose..no?)

6. I might have some interesting/fun news to share soon:)
7. I joined a church this Sunday.
8. I have yet to trip or fall this week.
9. I really enjoy my new job but I'm pooped every single day.
10. I'll celebrate my 35th birthday next Tuesday:)

*No limit on roses*

What was your rose and thorn of the week?

(The pics suck...sorry)

Most of these pics are cropped because my fake smiles were too obvious or I just couldn't muster up the energy to adjust the camera lens.
Every piece of today's outfit came from a thrift store.
The dress actually had long sleeves but I hacked them off. The sleeves were too reminincent of a Gordon Gartrelle shirt.

If you have no idea who Gordon Gartrelle is...please refresh your memory with this little clip. Fast forward to the 5:30 mark if you are in a rush!


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! I LOVE that episode. Love it.

I am sorry about your thorns : (
I have had a ton of thorns this week too. Like my baby is in the FREAKING fifth grade, I fail at my diet EVERY SINGLE DAY, I only wear black shirts and black pants, I am tired to death of listening to kids tell me they are going to school when I know they are not.... And my roses: My baby loves his fifth grade. He is determined to have a great year. I am going to start my diet again tomorrow. I have a purple shirt in my closet I just found. And SOME FABULOUS heels to go with it : )
Every day I get a chance to live and breath and be alive.

Will pray for your student. So sad.

If you get a chance to come to visit, I did an interview this week with a photographer and I always feel so nervous like they won't get enough comments and they won't feel special and that makes me feel TERRIBLE since I want them to be superstars. So all that to say, please come if you can! Thanks!

Fashionably Black said...

I love the dress, but am especially digging those wedges from Aldo!

Sing said...

Love that dress and the shoes. Did I miss who the shoes were by?


MissHaneefa said...

That episode of Cosby show is one of the BEST! It makes me laugh so hard. I think that I am going to go home and watch it tonight.

Anonymous said...

I love your rose and thorn idea.... Congrats on a job that you LOVE and joing a church.

My Thorns:

1. I'm exhausted from my full time school schedule.

2. I didn't get as much money for my financial aid as I thought and will still have to come out of pocket.

My Roses:

1. I'm in my right mind.

2. I won my appeal for my financial aid, which allowed me to FINALLY BE eligible for a grant and $400 out of pocket is way better than $3200.

Juanette said...

Shuttheeffup Gordon Gartrell!!!! OMG I loved that episode! Frankie is going to give you the side eye for leaving him and I love the idea of roses and thorns! Not sure I can try that with these kinder kids, they'll be like "What are thorns, teacher?" "Lo que es espinas, la maestra?"

P.S. Can we talk about the shoes and why I have not seen them all summer?!? Love the 'fit!

strivingbelle said...

Those wedges are to die for!


Writing Without Periods! said...

I LOVE this idea. Lucky students to have you as their guide.

My rose: fixed my friend's computer!!

My thorn: I'm worried about my daughter.

Love the outfits.

Anonymous said...

I still watch The Cosby Show all the time. I want to be Claire Huxtable when I grow up ... she's so beautiful and together.

1. I'm officially on the slippery slide out of my 20's and it feels like I still haven't begun my adult life.
2. There are some other unsettled personal issues that really gets me down more often than I'll ever admit.
3. School is costing me a fortune and I really could have made a decent living before this program
4. I weighed a pound more this morning than I weighed yesterday and don't know how/why.

1. Things aren't any worse than they are.
2. I'm starting to feel comfortable with myself
3. I had half a pack of Oreos and a burrito for dinner last night (now that I've written that I may get #4 on the thorns list)
4. My car looks like it's been thru some things so I never notice (or get upset) new dings in it.
5. I've been saying some amazing prayers lately that makes me feel like #2 on my thorn list won't last forever.

Amanda Correa said...

Those thorns always put some pain in our side but thank God the roses usually can out weigh them! I love the idea of thinking of all the good in your life too, and the fact that you do it after you talk about the bad(thorns). Has a way of reassuring you that things are always not as bad as they seem.

a THORN for me this week has been feeling REALLY homesick.

a ROSE for me is that my family is alive and healthy...I saw a special on 9/11 and it just put a lot in perspective for me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Reiko,

I love the dress, but the shoes, I gotta have! Are those in stores NOW? Hmmp, will be off to stalk the site in a minute, lol! I like the idea of the thorns and roses, I fear my 8th graders will say something that I would need to censor:( I have a few thorns, but tomorrow is Friday and my step-daughter's bday so I will focus on the positive:) Going to church/or watching online just makes my week feel so much better:) I will pray that things are well with your student and that THAT person realizes you ARE an angel, lol:) You better keep up with that poor doggie:) Off to look for those SHOES!!!!

Coy Fallacy said...

Reading everyones thorns and roses has brought smiles and slick tears to my eyes. I have had some thorns but through it all I have smiled and laughed my way through them this week.

Be careful of what you are doing because karma can bring unnecessary thorns.

Be blesses all!!!


Marion Renee said...
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Marion Renee said...

WOW! That clip brought back good memories. Thanks... I really needed a laugh. I have been having a Thorny month so far with some small roses here and there.. I am glad for those little flowers.
I absolutely loved this post! Very funny as usual lady! Happy to read your rose list and sorry for your thorns.. but without them I don't think we'd appreciate the roses so much. (new church.. cool! I will remember you in my prayers sis and HAPPY BIRTHDAY... I hope it's a great one for you!) M~

Karla said...

The famous Gordon Gartrelle episode! Love it! Definitely a favorite.

In other news, can you reserve some time for me during Homecoming weekend to take me thrifting? I'm serious!

wardrobeexperience said...

funny episode...

those wedges are soooo amazing! love them!


wardrobeexperience said...

funny episode...

those wedges are soooo amazing! love them!


MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

No you didn't bring back the Gordon Gartrell episode! CLASSIC CLASSIC TV! I remember rushing home on my bike so I didn't miss the Cosby Show!

Happy early Birthday and I am sorry to hear about your friend. AND who were you fighting with?


1. My job is more demanding than I thought it would be.

2. I am tired of struggling with this weight.

1. I have a job!
2. I finally found an exercise I like, but I still hate to exercise.
3. Despite their F'ed up, sorry ass, dead beat, daddies, my kids are doing well (this week).

chacha said...

-- happy early birthday !!! -- i think it's going to be your best year ever! i turned 35 in june... looove the 30s! oh, here is a poem i wrote about it... perhaps you can relate. keep up the good work, keep praising God, and keep laughing! all the best to you!
i feel my pulse beating in my belly
and wonder that i'm still alive
i wished to die at 11
and then again at 25
who would've guessed i'd survive to look 35 in the face and laugh
i guess you have a plan for me, huh, God?
i wonder what will happen by 35 and a half

Elle Tea said...

THat is my favorite episode. Gordon Gartrelle was a writer/producer for the Cosby Show. That episode makes me laugh until I cry.

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