One Lonely Beastie I Be...

(sorry about the wrinkles...long day)

I went to a party this weekend. There was a dj, barbecue and dancing.
You're thinking I went to the club, huh? NOPE.
I went to my nephew's LITTLE LEAGUE football game!
All you soccer moms and little leaguing moms...I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS LIKE THAT!
(Thrifted Men's Shirt/Thrifted scarf/Steve Madden Shoes/Thrifted KOOBA bag)

I went to support my nephew even though he wouldn't know it because he goes out of his way to ignore me. He just gives me the side eye whenever I come to his games as if he doesn't want to be associated with the likes of me. He's such a hater!

Well, I noticed that there was music being played during this game but it wasn't half-time yet.
I look over at the side lines of the other team...THEY HAVE A DJ! A DJ!! With a turn table and all!
OMG! I was so in shock! Really, Little League football is like that now?!?

Here's a rundown of some of the songs that were played:

1. Freaks of the Industry (Digital Underground)
2. I'm Bad (LL Cool J)
3. Paul Revere (Beastie Boys)
4. Blow the Whistle (Too Short...yes...TOO SHORT!)
5. Planet Rock (Africa Bambaataa)

(Cheerleaders doing the Cha Cha Slide during half time)

I pretty much ignored the game at that point:)

And because I kinda lost my mind when I heard the Beastie Boys song...here ya go...ENJOY!
*Title of this post is the best line from this song*


Manecoarse said...

(Singing) All by myself without nobody... say that.

kdr'S said...

Im totally adding those songs to my playlist. They are classics!

Spotted you in Essence and was SO excited. Congratulations again!



Claire Kiefer said...

At least cheerleaders' skirts seem to be a little longer these days, haha!

FashionAddict said...

Looks like quite a production for a little league game! You looked super cute in your thrifted shirt and green accessories :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous you scored a Kooba bag at the thrift store, who gives those away? But it looks hot!

Charlie said...

haha! you are funny as always, and the outfit is great! love the green accessories :)

wow they had a dj!? That's pretty serious already.

xxx Charlie

Coy Fallacy said...

You are so crazy. My son starts basketball this month and I have a feeling that I'm gonna be the mom dancing on the side lines with her work clothes on....Po' Baby!

Glad he doesn't get embarrassed by me yet!

Kee of Coy Misconception

Dhalia said...

I cant wait till my son starts playing football/basketball. :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Get out of the city. That sounds like a fabulously fun game : ) Whatever about him giving you the side eye. I don't believe it : ) Unless he is giving it to you because you look so amazing : ) and he can't believe you would dress up for something like his game : )

Girlsunnee said...

that Kooba bag....drool

Juanette said...

lol that is TOOO funny, I am writing a post about my nephew's game in Big B because they got creamed but we were taking pics and talking under the pavilion like it was the family reunion! But no dj or turntable at his game, WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?!?! lol

TamStyles said...

where did you find a thrifted kooba bag? i love that bag...it has been a favorite of mine for a while.

09 10