Roses and Thorns

(Thrifted Blouse, Lucky Brand Shoes, BCBG Heels, Target Leopard Scarf, Tribal clutch courtesy of Marionrenee.com)
 The picture above is the prime reason why I need a permanant assistant who follows me around with a mirror to reflect the sunlight, fan me and adjust my clothes before I take pics so I won't have  problems like one sleeve up and one sleeve down.

I would like to add that I'm a thrifting beast. This vintage blouse makes me happy! I can't wait to find a waist pencil skirt to rock with this blouse. I didn't think I would like the high neck and huge bow but now I worship the look!

I haven't done Roses and Thorns in a minute so here goes.

1. I am in the planning stages of 2 major projects and it's seeming to all come together (details later:)
2. I made an awesome turkey sandwich today. (bacon on any sandwich makes everything better:)
3. Watched an awesome episode of The Good Wife this week (Did you see it!?!)
4. I'm alive and well and so is everyone around me:)

1. Someone SPAT in my future stepdaughter's (Ms. Thang) mouth this week...IN HER MOUTH! FOR NO REASON (apparently)...and Ms. THANG did NOTHING about it!!! She's non-confrontational and it's totally out of character for her to be violent but I'm working on that:) BUT WHO DOES THAT?!? Why is any ten year old spitting on another ten year old!  IN THE MOUTH! That means that you had to time it just right to land your saliva in another person's mouth. Does she practice that at home or something!?!?

I was so mad but not for the right reason. I was mad that MS. THANG didn't knock that little girl's spleen out of place! 

Click here to read the real details of this spitting incident from my dude's pov:)

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Anonymous said...

Lmao at "knocking her spleen out of place", lord I almost spit out my Dr. Pepper on that one.

Yeah but who does that, is that what parents are teaching their kids these days. Just straignt up nasty.

I agree your daughter should have knocked her block off!

Anyway I have been a lurker for sometime now and I must say that I so like your style.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@ Shanga...Ma'am, there is never an appropriate time to EVER spit out Dr. Pepper:) Thank you for de-lurking though:)

LaShaune said...

I love that blouse. Very sexy secretary.

Tell me, where'd you shoot these photos? Eastend? Very interesting background.

Life with Kaishon said...

LOVE that vintage blouse.
Hate that kid! : )

Anonymous said...

WTH!!! How does a kid know how to do that? I have a 7yr old niece that loves to kick butt if you want to borrow her.

Ife' said...

oh my word! spit!!!!!! in her mouth!!!!!!! what the hell??? I'll never understand spitting... but spitting in someone's mouth is just insane!

ummm, can i just say you freakin FIERCE you look! you betta WORK! I need that scarf!

InnyVinny said...

Mouth spitting is grounds for swangin' them thangs. No seriously. I will FIGHT.YOU.

Kids these days...

LahTeaDah said...

These photos are fabulous! My goodness...I need your photographer to come follow me for a day!

Great Job on the shoot!

PS: i'd love to see you pop by my blog and enter my giveaway. Who doesn't love a little Tea with a side of Fashion?

Yours Truly

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Girlsunnee said...

I love that black & white foto!

Ro said...

Girl I would have paid a kid to bust her ass just on GP!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

love these photos and the blouse. clearly im going to search my city for some new photo locations......you've inspired me lady!

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Anonymous said...

do not believe in being nasty, but this time I would make an exception, she should get her back(vengance is the Lord) but I would have to rely on God forgives, and give me this day..I would spit on her so bad she would be screaming , then I would have to say does that mean we are no longer friends..since I would get in trouble anyway, I would bring a pair of play handcuffs and cuff them on myself and say take me to your leader yep yep I am bad, do not mess with me you pay now or later...not an advocate of violence but hit her in the head think about heaven later

Sing said...

That blouse is fab.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally into kids fighting back. I have nieces that are taught at home to tell an adult when something bad happens. I teach them to kick ass and they'll probably have less things to tell.


Alissa said...

You know I'm all over that top. SInce I got a tripod the same things happen to me. After I take the picture I notice all the things that were wrong with my clothes. BTW-Love the new picture spot. It looks like no one was around, so, you could comfortably take pics.

Moni @ CL Journal said...

True story, I've been spit on twice. BY ADULTS!

The first was when I was 18 working at the local drug store. Woman was upset that I wouldn't let her 5 year old daughter, whom she sent to the store, buy a pack of cigarettes. She called me and my manager (who was Jewish) every racial name that she could think of and then she spit on me.

That resulted in her getting 36 stitches to the head, which my parents had to pay for (she sued) and they gladly paid for because they were happy I kicked her ass and told the judge the same thing.

The second time it happened to me: New Years Eve 2008!! I was on the train, again a nut job says something negative, (he looked fine when I sat next to him) I get up to move to another seat. On a semi crowded train, he decides that I pissed him off and he spit on me! Girl, I jumped out of my seat and chased him down the platform hollering for someone to stop him. IN NYC NOT ONE PERSON stopped him. When I ran into a cop, the cop says, I quote: What do you want me to do? Me *screaming* SHOOT HIM!

Needless to say the cop could have caught him, but he took his time, the guy saw him and then ran away. I was so disgusted and hurt (and the spit landed on my BRAND NEW BEBE DOWN COAT! I was so upset, I forgot to get the cops badge number. I was on my way to court and when I got there i just cried. The judge dismissed my case and told me to go home and get myself together. I came home thinking what makes people do such a thing, started thinking about people who had been spit on during Civil Rights Movement, I mean I was a mess. My honey was FURIOUS! We wound up going to transit authority to pull the tape *cameras on the subway* and to also write a report at the local precinct where crime happened (where I reported the cop, they found out who was on the street that day). I didn't even think about taking an AIDS test until a month later when someone mentioned it to me, which I did everything turned out ok, I mean really, What a way to bring in 2009, it was horrible!

Dhalia said...

OMG that is nasty...I swear some kids these days are a hott mess.


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

You are giving us the bizness with that blouse. Cute Clutch too, by the way!

Juanette said...

OMG this WHOLE THING is just too too 1.gross 2.hilarious at you and dad's pov 3.crazy that she is still friends with the spitter. You should invite her over and beat her with a sack of potatoes...

I was also cracking up @Moni ^^^^^ OMG she busted a chick's head open, LITERALLY!!!! I've envisioned it, said it, but never done it. I respect that.

I LOVE where you took your pics and I heart that top, you know I love a blouse!!!

drollgirl said...

LOVE THIS LOOK! radical top! i usually go for the v-neck or low-ish cut so my neck can breathe and all, but this look is RAD!!!!!

AND SPAT IN HER MOUTH?!?!? murder! justifiable homicide in my opinion!!!!!!

Pink Stilettos said...

I love the blouse! Very pretty :) xoxo


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