GFS Trivia Game

Let's play a little game!

(L.A.M.B. Satchel, Riding Boots, Ralph Lauren Blazer, Cargo Pants)

Can you name the items I am wearing that are from the thrift store?

I'll update this post later with the answer!

Oh, I've nicknamed this look the "Boarding School Equestrian Soldier" look!

Now, let's play GFS TRIVIA!!

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P.S...Thank you to The Trendy Socialite for Spotlighting my weekend look!


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I am thinking that the pants and possibly the jacket are thrift store finds..

Mellodee said...

Wouldn't surprise me if everything was a "find"!!

Savonne said...

I'm gonna go with the blazer, bag, and shoes.

TamStyles said...

I know LAMB when I see it.

Mbabazi said...

i want that jacket really nice one. i love your blog.your newest follower. visit by mine n follow if you like mbabaziannet.blogspot.com

Sing said...

Cute look! I'll say the jacket and boots.

Juanette said...

Jacket, boots, bag and are we counting accessories because I think I see THE black belt in the pics....lol! Cute look, I want to fight you for that bag!

tontini said...

jacket and boots.

Tina said...

I know personally - today everything I have on (except underclothes) is from thrifting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the look, lady. ;)

Dhalia said...

maybe the blazer?!...if that Lamb bag was from the thrift then I really need to shop with you.


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