Ultimate Style Crush

I was cruising my favorite blogs and stopped in my tracks and dropped my jaws (and I do have big jaws too) at this look.

YES YES YES...YES!!!!!!!!!!

P.S....Her shirt, jacket, and pants were all thrifted:)

Let me tell THEE all of thy places I shall go if I had rocked this outfit...

1. To work so all of the hater teachers can talk about me behind my back and then run home to their closets to try to pull the look off...then get sad because they can't and come back to work and spread rumors that I'm a man...well because they are haters:)

2.  To stand in line at Starbucks to buy coffee...even though I don't drink coffee but I would go because I would want the young girls and guys standing in line to wonder who I am:)

3. To a parent/teacher conference for one of my students so the parent can be so distracted by the patterns yet flyness that is moi'.
4. To church...yes church...just so I can make the deacons of the church jealous of my rocking plaid pants and stripes better than them.

5. To the UPS store where my new blackberry is waiting after I called Sprint and screamed (politely) in the phone that their Blackberry with the "pearl" button SUCKS and demanded that I deserved the NEW Blackberry free of charge (he he he...true story)

Oh you think it's a fluke? Here she is again! I am singing lullabies and hymns just at the inspiration these looks give me!


Sing said...

She is a true fashion inspiration. I have so many of her outfits in my files to try.

Fashion Butter said...

Love her, and you. : )

Courtnee said...

I have both of these saved in my inspiration file. Freakin' looooove her!!

Anonymous said...

what is the world coming to stripes and plaids, a fashion paux, I gag. if you came to class wearing this and I would be there I would think does she not know the rules of fashion stripes (big ones at that and plaid pains, oh help me people, got to keep my eyes on the prize) if I keep looking at some of these mixes I am going to think a few people have a coordination problem, yes I said it a coordination problem

Life with Kaishon said...

She looks amazing. Wow. What a great look. I am distracted by her coolness.

Juanette said...

^^^^@Anonymous it's actually fashion faux pas not fashion paux and please put the link to your blog up so that we can view what YOU wear. Thanks!

I posted this same pic in my post on pattern mixing, LOVE HER STYLE! SFAM!

Chastity Garner said...

ooohh that is fabulous. I love the mix of prints.

And LOL @ the teacher haters...so typical of a majority female working environment. Tell them to try something original for once like being a nice person.

Anonymous said...

Okay I had to come out of lurking again cause that is a bad azz outfit. You would definitely look fly in an outfit like this.

Why do women hate??? They are just so jealous of your style, cause you have it going on!!

I love your blog girl, keep doing what you are doing cause you are fly.


~L~ of Avid Accents said...

Girl my stomach is gonna reach six pack status if i keep reading your blog. funny as heck!

and she is definitely killing it with this outfit. I actually thought it was a jumpsuit. Grade A+.


kdr*S said...

I have to agree with my girl "L" you are so funny.
I am totally into Pink and Orange lately. It my Fav!

So, You wanted to know who JMoss is... No worries he is a Gospel Singer... totally amazing. You have to check out this link.


Ife' said...

hahaha at the teachers talking about your flyness behind your back. pish posh to them! I have a pair of thrifted plaid pants JUST LIKE THESE that my fiancee hates, but please believe they will be surfacing VERY SOON!

I remember thinking the same thing when I saw this post on B.'s blog. she is always fabulous though.

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