Southern Cowboy Pimp's Evangelist Wife

(Urban Outfitters hat and shirt/ Thrifted men's blazer/Target jeggins/Zara scarf, Nine West Booties)

I wore this to meet a friend (whom I met through this blog) at Starbucks.

  We were there to gossip strategize about a few projects in the new year.  I don't love this look but it was Starbucks for crying out loud. This was doing too much in my opinion:)

I adore this shirt. Oversized? Check. Leopard print? Check. Reps Jesus? CHECK! I love it. It'll look better with a camel skirt and red heels (for street walking) or with a black fitted skirt and tights. I'll rework it. I kinda felt like a Southern Evangelist who happens to be a cowboy pimp's wife....no??

(Lazy hair day= hat)

While my friend and I were gossiping  strategizing, this Latin lover came over and insisted on trying on my hat...
then he commenced to write down his number for her. Not that she asked for it but because he felt she needed it.  He literally told her "Hey, even if you call and hang up. I will love you." I forced her to keep the number because he says he is an auto mechanic. We all need friends in high and low places!

Thanks Ash for taking my pics!

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Work With What You've Got said...

I LOVE YOU. I just love you. You are the bestest.

Savonne said...

So, we are going to be twins because that hat is on my purchase list. It's all that and a bag of chips.

Juanette said...

Grrrrrrr, I HATE you so much right now, you are stoooopppiiidddd!!!!!!! You are the illest most wonderful-est person i know!(This is why we are friends!)The title?!? The casanova?!?! I.Love.You.The.Most!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I like the shirt, cause I love anything leopard, but your blog title is what cracked me the hell up!!!

Full Figured Diva said...

I'm LOVING the entire outfit! Super cure MsLady!


Jeanette said...

When I can stop myself from laughing at your title, I'll be able to tell you how much I really love this blog. You rock!

Kyla said...

Isn't that hat BAD ASS?! I love mine sooo much!!!

FashionAddict said...

LOL, I'm laughing at loud right now...with the husband thinking I'm crazy. But this is just TOO FUNNY! Anyways, I heart the shirt with the blazer and hat! And of course, thanks for the laughs :)

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