*Insert Expletives Here*

Spoiler alert...for those who don't want to bother reading the rest of this post...the moral is TODAY SUCKED!

(Forced Smile, Thrifted Men's Blazer,scarf, Thrifted Vintage Blouse, Zara pants, MY ULTIMATE Coupe de' grace THRIFT...authentic LV SAC Plat (yes, I'm a beast when I thrift)

Not all of today sucked...just every second after 4pm. I will try to hit the key points of today's disaster....

 I go to Target to exchange a broken tripod (the reason I haven't blogged much). I get to the customer service booth and of course the Super Target Nazi lady asked for ID to make the EVEN EXCHANGE! I dig for it. No ID. Ah yes...I switched purses this morning and I forgot to put my license back in my wallet. I beg the Target rule enforcer to allow just an even exchange. Same item. NO money back.

Nope. Super Target Nazi Lady/rule enforcer refused. I stay calm because I once worked customer service. I know the drill. Be nice. Smile. Keep voice calm. I ask for a manager and offer to show her other forms of ID, bank cards, even my insuraance policy. The manager who I would assume must be single handedly trying to bring back the 90's by wearing her hair like Salt N Pepa in the Push It video, refused to allow me to exchange.

Fine. I decide to go home, get the ID and exchange at another Target. I drive through rush hour traffic all the while enduring a stressful phone call with a person who refuses to practice good communication skills by actually LISTENING. I get to the second Target...and they have not a one of my tripod in stock! NOT ONE! GRRRR!

You would think I would give up, right? Oh no, I never give up. I go to a third Target. They have the tripod BUT they wanted me to pay a $2 difference because I didn't have a receipt...bla bla bla. Now, I get it technically. No receipt= Suck it up. I couldn't do it. I calmly explained to the apparently new on the job Target representative that it should be an even exchange. She agrees. I finally leave. There's other stuff in between all of this but then you would just say that I'm whining. (Shush...it's my blog...I can whine:)

I get the tripod. It's pitch black by now but I've gone through all of this trouble anyway. I find a spot. Set up the Tripod...then the camera dies after two shots!!!  Oh and my phone died. I left my charger at work. Score. Not.

BUT...I did make it home to watch the TLC show "Addicted to Eating Pillow Cushions" and "Addicted to Ingesting  Household Cleaning Agents."

So, it wasn't a total loss....he he he:)


Life with Kaishon said...

I wanted to watch that. Remind me next week, k? : ) You know, because you have SO much extra time after school.... : ) I am sorry for your crazy day. I LOVE your blouse though. You are a rock star!

I have people in my life that are not so great at communicating as well. Sometimes I want to punch them : ) I control myself though...because I am nothing if not anti violence : )

Love, Becky who just took her kid to play VIOLENT paint ball for his birthday party!

Ro said...

well at least you looked CUTE!

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

girl you crack me up! Not the hair from the salt and pepa video ***gets up to do the Push It dance***. Your day might have been bad but you looked fabulous! and those two shots came out great!


Juanette said...

lol, sorry your day was bad but at least you looked good! AND you got a new tripod so I need to see pics EVERY day from here on out.

Thank ya kindly!

Traci said...

With gas as expensive as it is, I try to get things done, while I'm on the other side of town but if you forget one thing, it's over. I'm glad it worked out for you. Ooh I wanted to see that addicted show.

nclikard said...

Every Target has one!(Nazi Lady)
You look great!

LaShaune said...

Sorry your Target experience sucked. I hope today is better. At least the sun is shining today and you don't work in the med center where you have to not only fight old ppl to get out of the parking garage, but news crews too (and the Congresswoman isn't even coming until FRIDAY).

Is it just me or does anyone else think these folks who eat weird crap like sofa cushions, TP and laundry detergent are just itching for 15 mins of fame (and FMLA from all the bodily harm they are doing).

TrendySocialite said...

I'm sorry your day sucked, but your recap of it made me chuckle. That's one of my favorite blouses on you!

laniza said...

I love how you cracked on homebiscuit anyways, lol! At least you looked fabulous while driving all over the city! :)

P.S. I'm totally going to replicate this look!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

oh my gosh! target IS so stingy about returns and exchanges! drives me nuts... and yet i still am obsessed with the place... dude, i could read your blog all day... i just might!


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