1st GFS Giveaway of 2011

Welcome to the first GFS giveaway of the year...sponsored by "I Got Wired Jewelry! Cindy of "I Got Wired" handmakes beautiful whimsical copper and silver handstamped and wire wrapped jewelry.

I Got Wired is based in NYC and is offering this beautiful copper handstamped charm necklace with the word or name of YOUR choice stamped on it. The charm is also accompanied by a swavorski crystal and is wire wrapped, valued at $40.

(This is just an example...YOUR word or name choice will be stamped on the charm instead)

To enter...it's simple. Do the following in the comments of this post...
1.Simply tell me what word or name you would have "stamped" on the charm
2. Leave your email address.
3.If you tweet this giveaway, come back here and let me know in this section as a separate entry:)

It would be also nice if you hopped over to Cindy's Etsy shop and blog to say hi!

Deadline will be Feb. 11! U.S. entries only.

And a super THANK YOU to Netta P Fashion for the GFS shout out! Go to the 4:56 mark!

 I am so blushing right now! Thanks XOXO Netta P Fashion Lifestyle.


Erin said...

I would have the number "nine" stamped on it. It's my lucky number, and I can relate almost every big event in my life to it if I try!
libgirl9 at hotmail dot com

Ro said...

I REALLY like that...
that is so my style...(wait my made up style) anyway I WANT IT!

I would have ummmmm
or maybe AMEN
ok I don't know yet :-)

~Decidedly Imperfect~ said...

Without a doubt, I would have FEARLESS stamped on mine. My theme for this year is to live fearlessly and to do all the things that I've been afraid to do previously. It's already opened many doors for me & I can't wait to see how far I can go from here.


~Decidedly Imperfect~ said...

I tweeted, too!


Sing said...

So cool. I'd get my name, "Sing"


passionsontopofpassions said...

i would get my name 'antonia' and a heart stamped on mine, because above all things love is the greatest.



Latise said...

I would get Kalen...my son's name, with a heart stamped next too it. He is my heart! I've been debating on getting the tattoo of a K and heart behind my ear, by I think that the necklace would be lovelier.

Email: latise.moore@gmail.com

Shai said...

I would get Poetry. I am a poet and love words.


Lar said...

I would get either "Larshine" (a nickname my friends gave me years ago) or "writer" stamped on it.

email: squishygirltoo@gmail.com

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

i love hand stamped jewelry. so beautiful. i'd get "~L~" stamped on it.
That's the first letter to my name and represents my life motto "love, live, laugh"


Check out my Thrifty 30 for 30

rachelle said...



K said...

I think I would get "smile" on mine. To remind me that things are always better when you're smiling. Or something like that :)

Mars said...

I would have PROMISE stamped onto it, because the start of everyday is the PROMISE of new things!

marsayala at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would stamp it POSITIVITY, to serve as reminder to me!


kiki_ri said...

I would like to have mine say "Inspired" or my name "Chianda"...if I win, you can surprise me. :O] Oh yeah, also with the heart.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would want Virtuous imprinted on the necklace. A word that describes me as a women and reminds me of my favorite passage in the bible Proverbds 31. my email is ladytnh21@yahoo.com. i tweeted this giveaway also my user name is mscinnamonkiss.

tiffanys.williams09 said...

I would get my name Tiffany stamped on the charm.


tiffanys.williams09 said...

I would get my name Tiffany stamped on the charm.


Kris Koffee Fashion Therapy said...

I would like NOAH stamped on the necklace, my 1st born 3mth old son's name. email: kriskoffee@gmail.com

DeTAILed said...

I would get DeTAILed on mine. Thx for having a giveaway!!


MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

I tweeted!

irishdancer2459 said...

I would have my name Cathey on it. I grew up hating the weird spelling, but now I'm proud to carry on the last name of my ancestors who went through a lot of tough times and came out better for it!
irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com

Brittany said...

I would get Lady Lane tattooed on it. Its my nickname and fits me perfectly.

Ms.J said...

I would get KOBE...bcus im expecting and i just found out yesterday it a GIRL! Kobe Jesse is her name!

simplychic said...

this is so cool! i would want "simplychic" stamped on mine if i were the lucky winner!


simplychic said...

tweet sent!!

Prissy said...

I might as well give this a try! Who knows, I just might win!!

Prissy - this is what I would like stamped on the necklace


Ronke143 said...

I would Definately get SoulSistah on it!

Love the jewlery.

Email: ronkeakano@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would get RCOA (real curly girl of atlanta- our blog title) stamped on mine and some wonderful symbol:)

Anonymous said...

I just tweeted the giveaway @caramelnaps25. My email address is caramelnaps25@gmail.com

Stacey Kay said...

I would have my pen name stamped on it - Stacey Kay. LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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My Vintage Handbag Line

Stacey Kay said...

Here's my tweet.

GOD'S FAVORITE SHOES: 1st GFS Giveaway of 2011 http://t.co/SVEC3lJ <<< GREAT GIVEAWAY! Check this out.

I usually do a weekly round up of fashion blog giveaways for my column. If you ever have another, then send an email my way to be included.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Win free stuff! Fantastic fashion blog giveaways
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Its What I Do said...

I would definitely get FORTITUDE stamped. Has so much meaning for me and would be a great reminder to have around one's neck.

Email: shearst5@gmail.com

shasta86 said...

I would want ShaNanigans inscribed on it.


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