Bloggers Don't Always Love What They're Wearing

Hi. I hate this dress.

I bought it a year or so ago and it was about 2 sizes too big.
But I saw potential in it.
I thought I could save it. Make it work for me.

I should've just left it at the thrift store instead of pouring money into alterations.
The neck is too high (it's asymeterical)
 My "girls" felt caged.
The waist line doesn't hit me in the most awesome place
 It's too short.
All which are my fault...because my alterations lady told me.
I didn't listen.
 Now...once again...I hang my head in shame!

 I tried to "Jedi mind trick" the dress by adding a vest.
Which wasn't originally a vest...it was a Gap Jacket that I've had for a few years.  
I decided it would serve me better as a vest.
I had the sleeves taken off.
I was right about that!
(Thrifted dress,belt/ Gap Trench Jacket Vest, BCBG heels/ Aldo necklace/Vintage handbag)

You win some and you lose some.

P.S...Say hello to my new little friend. The mother in law strikes again. This is the MIL's grandmother's handbag! It's been sitting in her attic doing absolutely nothing since I rescued it. It's perfect in all thy ways.


gen321 said...

Please get out of my head! Why am I posting tonight about an outfit I wore today, that I thought was really cute (and I was complimented on repeatedly) but I hated how it looked in the pics! You win some, you lose some. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I do love the trench revamped into a vest and the clutch.

Sorry about the dress, you should put it in the shop. It may work for someone else...hint.

Angie R.

Me Myself n' Why said...

Well I would have NEVA known it was a dislike because you R wearing it so well!
U look gr8 and that Vintage bag is a must have...Hmmm can you put that in the SHOP> (it was worth try)

I think you should SKIP a week of thrifting and just VISIT th ATTIC!
It has soooo many goodies/Must HAVES!!!

Have a good night..

Laurel said...

I love the trench. It's all I noticed, so good job tricking my mind.

Brea Ellis said...

You may not have got it right with the dress, but you hit the nail on the head with the trench...looks amazing on you as a vest!


Traci said...

You may hate it but I think you look so fabulous. You're always an inspiration to me. And your MIL, talk about being your fashion mermaid, enchanting you with fashion accessories...She must want to keep you around.

TyshaJames said...

There's a few things that I wear that I sometimes dont like but when I pair it with something else it instantly works for me!
Just like your trench,I personally don't see anything wrong with the dress but the trench is the main focus point, it hides any imperfection or flaws that you might have with this dress, I love the teal or greenish/bluish color of the dress against the neutral color of the trench! You look fly in my books! xoxo TY

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

I think you look cute! but I know the feeling!

gigiofca said...

I love your trench re-do. Failed alterations bite. I feel your pain.

Christiane Nicole said...

The bag is super cute!

Sing said...

Gorgeous bag!

Anonymous said...

I hear what you are saying but you look great!!!

and helloooooo, mother in law with her fabulous gems. I love that purse.

Chastity Garner said...

Well I think you look totally cute ...and as I always I love the clutch

Ife' said...

YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN! I think you look great, but I know what you mean when you just FEEL uncomfortable in what you're wearing. It just jacks up your whole day. lol.

i so need to find an old trench to cut up into a vest.

Anonymous said...

i guess its in the eye of the beholder because i think u look goreous in this dress! U look like u have legs for days!! Http://www.buxomchick.com

Kerissa said...

You always look great. But I do understand. I have a dress now that I hope the tailor can save or make into a skirt. We shall see. Ohh can I go into the MIL attic with you next visit. The bag is beauuuutttiiffuuuulll! Xo.

Zarna said...

sorry you don't like the dress, but it looks good in photos!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Love this look and want that clutch! :)

FashionAddict said...

LOVE that clutch!!! I think your trench-turned-vest looks great with your dress, and that green is a really nice color for you. :)

ShandyLand said...

Awesomeness!!!! Love the look! You look great!!

ShandyLand said...

Love the clutch!! What a great find! Things from back in the day were always made with great quality & have lasted years. Love it!

Fashion Guru said...

love that clutch

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