Some Things Never Change

I can't write enough jokes for this.
The glasses.
The TROOP tshirt
The record player.
The bangs.

And I have the nerve to buy similar glasses 25 years later!


Traci said...

I had red ones à la Becca from Life Goes On.

RocquelleIsLovely said...

LOL Love this! I had the same thought when I got my latest pair of eyeglasses. I had a pair of big plastic red ones that made me miserable in 4th grade, but I'd so wear today!!

Corie said...

I love this photo of you as a young one. So cute!

But you are too funny.


Toria said...



Miesha Roshawn said...

Love it!

Vivi said...

You look the same. Cute post.

gigiofca said...

Troop! Record player! That's too funny.

Anonymous said...

Loved Troop and I still have vinyl!

Black/white stripes and yellow..nice.

Angie R.

Anonymous said...

You haven't changed...and that's a GOOD thing! :) Love both photos!

Just Daisy said...

You looks fantastic! Those specs are amazing and so close to your heart. Beautiful blog!

P.S. I responded to your comment at http://imjustdaisy.blogspot.com/2011/04/reclaiming-my-health.html



Sing said...

I"m sorry, but hahahahaha. You got me wanting to post some of my old school pics with my huge glasses that went from eyebrow to cheek.

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