Stylish Curves Guest Post: For My Sister Tanisha

From me: I will have some guest bloggers taking over GFS from time to time as I put the finishing touches on my upcoming wedding celebration. I promise to not turn this into a wedding blog...we don't need another one! Thank you Alissa from Stylish Curves!

As a plus size curvy girl I know first hand how hard, frustrating, and annoying it is to have a fab event like a wedding to go to and can’t seem to find the right dress that makes you look chic and sexy. The kind of dress that has every woman asking, “Girl where did you get that?”and every man gawking at how fly your curves are looking.

My blogging buddy Reiko is getting married and her curvy sister needs to know what are the hot spots for a girl with a little meat on her bones to shop at and find that heart breaker dress. Of course, I wanted to help a fellow curvy girl out. Times are truly changing and the plus size curvy girl has a number of places to shop and find a fabulous dress for a fabulous and memorable event like a wedding.

Below are a few of my favorite spots to shop at when I’m looking for a great dress under $200
My first stop is always to ASOS. Their Curve line is fantastic. The styles are always on trend and they go up to a size 24 plus. I also love them because many of their straight size designs also come in plus. Recently they just added a new collection called ASOS Curve Salon which offers fierce and fancy dresses.

Another one of my favorite spots for young, fun, and fancy dresses is the major affordable chain retail store Fashion to Figure. Fashion to Figure carry’s on trend looks for less than $50. I have found some very sexy chic dresses at Fashion to Figure.

Next up is City Chic an Austrlian favorite of mine that is new to the US. City Chic makes a number of party dresses and glamour gowns for the plus size curvy girl. There clothes really represent their name. Tons of chic pieces for a city girl.

Another favorite retailer that is curvy girl friendly goes by the name Eshakti. Eshakti makes wonderful dresses in a bevy of colors and styles. The great thing about Eshakti is that they do customization for an affordable price. You can have a dress shortened, lengthened, and you can have sleeves taken off or added on. Another added plus to Eshakti is that they go from size 0-26W. Isn’t that fantastic? When will the rest of the apparel brands catch on.

Lastly, if I am in a rush to find that perfect dress and don’t have time to order online. I hit up my local department stores like Nordstrom or Macy’s and reach for a Donna Morgan dress. Donna Morgan is an inclusive line that makes dresses for both straight and plus. She has dressed plus size women like Queen Latifah and Amber Riley from Glee. Her dresses are sophisticated yet feminine. You can’t go wrong.

Hopefully I gave you some good insight on brands that cater to the curvy girl and what they have to offer. Even if you don’t like any of the dresses I picked, it's still worth a shot to poke around these sites to see all the other pretty sexy chic dresses they have. Times have changed and the girl with a little meat on her bones now has options.

Thanks Reiko for allowing me and trusting me to help your sister find a dress. Congrats on the new hubby.

Thank you again Alissa and my sister found her dress from Nordstrom after all! Just know that it's tight on the hips and flattering...I wouldn't have it any other way!


Mellodee said...

Not even a little bit of wedding stuff??? With your flair for style, I know your wedding will be special! I'd love to be a "virtual" guest here on your blog, at least a little bit!! (What can I say, I'm a sucker for weddings!)

Mellodee said...

Not even a little bit of wedding stuff??? With your flair for style, I know your wedding will be special! I'd love to be a "virtual" guest here on your blog, at least a little bit!! (What can I say, I'm a sucker for weddings!)

drollgirl said...

dude! these tips are awesome! i am a bit of a chunky monkey and i love these tips!

and miss gfs is about to become a MRS! that is so fab. he must be a helluva dude to be worthy of your affection!

p.s. thanks for not turning this into a wedding blog. THANK YOU. but a few pics of the wedding would be ok. like you need my permission/advice on what to do here! lol

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

I've been stalking a bunch of Asos Curve dresses online for months! LOL

I have to check out Nordstrom online, I never go on there! I am so happy your sister was able to find *THE* dress...

P.S. And I TOTALLY co-sign on loving to see you rocking your wedding dress!!

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