I Survived...Hopefully

I whipped this quick post up Saturday morning which means that by the time you read this it should be AFTER everything has gone down.
I want to thank you all for the well wishes.
And here are some links to bloggers who in some way have something to do with the day happening.

Juanette...my SFAM!
Ashley...of Mocha Mommies. The dreamweaver...the one who puts ideas into my head.
Chastity...for offering up a wedding dress if I needed it.
Olive Paperie...for my delightful paper goods (invites)
Cathy...for overall moral support. We are going to meet!
Key...for spotting my wedding shoes and calling me so I can get them!
AS I Grew Older...my fabulous friend who was the venue stylist for my wedding.
Rocquelle...for giving me the best ideas!
Kenge...for surprising me with my bouqet! It was perfect!
Eskay Entertainment for never blinking twice at my ideas.
Nathan...for being the best ever wedding photographer...EVER. EVER! EVER!

And that fabulous artwork...that is by Shanda!
You can't really appreciate its perfection unless you see it in person! I'll try to get pics.
More details on everything when I get back!


Chelsea said...

aw... yay! can't wait to hear more... and that painting is fabulous!!!

Chilel said...

Congrats Reiko. I hope the ceremony was everything you hoped for and more. Enjoy your honeymoon and come back safe. We are avidily waiting for the pics. lots of love

Kerissa said...

Yayyy!! Congrats! Wishing you and the Mister all the love, fun and relaxation you can stand. I'm front row and center for pics when you return. Your little Sister who Loves Her Legs, lolol :))

Chastity Garner said...

ARRRRGGGGHHH the anticipation of the wedding pics...I cant stand it!

RocquelleIsLovely said...

YAY Reiko, I'm beyond happy for you!!! I am so honored that I could be of help and very glad you liked my ideas (you are no easy cookie lol)! I can't wait to see pictures from your beautiful day, but in the meantime, Shanda is AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on everything! Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad I could be part of your special day!

Key said...

Congrats again hon!

Shanda said...

Can't wait for pics from the wedding, reception & hopefully PR. Thank you for the shout out!! (HUGS)

Sing said...

Yay I love weddings and the photos that go with it.
That art work is so cool!

Miesha Roshawn said...

Congrats to you! I'm sure everything was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see you in the dress! SO EXCITED!!! xo Mish

LA Lynn's said...

Congrats on the nuptials!!!! ~Enjoy your time away... We will be here awaiting pic's when you return!!!! *God Bless*

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