GFS Styles Day 1: Maybe by LeeLonn Video Shoot

At this point, you atleast know his name because I tweet about him and periodically post about Lee-Lonn.
He is a sensational artist and I just happen to know him personally.
Roughly 2 months ago, he asked me to be the stylist for his first video and it couldn't have come at a better time.
I think the day before, I'd just receive the news that I was being layed off from my job.

I was in charge of super sweet video model Ashley's look as well as Lee-Lonn's look.
Toni of Scott Phree Online Boutique allowed us to pull from her inventory! Toni, former stylist to the stars, was so accomodating and gracious and gave me free reign on what we could use!

Here are a few studio shots I took with my camera.

We decided on this embellished dress for Ashley and she rocked it!

With the help of make-up artist, Danielle...we came up with this look for Ashley.

(LeeLonn wore a custom vest and Urban Outfitters khakis)
I die for LeeLonn.
He is such  an artist.
But even better...he's an INCREDIBLE human being!
He lets me boss him around...stylishly speaking of course!

And here's the final product!!!!!!!!

Lee-Lonn - "Maybe" from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.


Ro said...

I became a fan at the wedding...he was very nice and he is undoubtedly talented!!
GREAT job. I am so proud of you!!!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Congrats on the wedding that the video. You did an awesome job!

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