Honeymoon: Puerto Reiko (The Final Day)

The last full day in Puerto Reiko (Rico) and we finally made it to the beach.
It was kind of a let down.
It wasn't as picture-esque as I expected.
I believe we went to the wrong part of the beach...on the wrong day...or something.
We told the cab driver to take us to a beach and  he swore he was taking us to most beatiful beach ever.
Yeah...for the dead!

In Puerto Rico's defense, it did rain quite a bit because of the threat of Tropical Storm Emily.
And it was a Thursday...so there wasn't much action.
So, that'll be the reason.
We still made the best of it and had our final Puerto Rican adult beverage on the beach and took it all in.
We have decided that each year on our anniversay, we will go back to Puerto Rico.
There's so much that we have yet to discover.
And I kind of like the idea of making that a tradition.

I got my retro style swimsuit from Marshall's, it was made by Jantzen.
I didn't bother taking the skirt off while on the beach because the grim water just wasn't worth it.

I took this picture to show people who are from Texas...Doesn't this water look like the water in Galveston?!? LOL!

The swimsuit did get wet in the hotel pool later that night.
Don't let the picture fool you, I can't not swim!

And that my friends is Puerto Reiko!
Back to real life I go!


antonia said...

all i know is if you guys decide to have kids, you won't be able to tell them nothin! they're gonna have beautiful cheekbones for days!


Jody said...

Pretty swimsuit, glad you two had fun and will make it a tradition to go back. I can't swim or swim well either!

M3llo Yellow said...

lmao that is so Galveston

Sing said...

That is a cute suit!

Tiffany said...

Loving the pics..sigh can't wait to be found by a loving man and get married and have a honeymoon :))

Kerissa said...

I need you to take swimming lessons pronto, lolol! I was doubled over laughing at this post. You just deterred a bunch of newlyweds from visiting this spot. This happened to me before on a cruise. Beach was miles away and we walked. Can you say livid??

GFS said...

I love this : ) I never saw it before. I couldn't comment on your backwards red dress post but I am super glad I can comment on this one. Always love seeing pictures of the mister : ) Love your new hair.

GFS said...

Thank you!
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

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