It's Almost Here!

(I'm taking a slight break from wedding pics/posts to tell you about something HUGE)

Do you remember earlier this summer, I kept saying that I was working on a project?
 An Epic project!
Now I can finally say it!
I was the wardrobe stylist for singer Lee-Lonn's first video "Maybe!"
(P.S...he sang this song at my wedding too:)

(Video Model: Ashley)

I was in charge of the looks for the video model and Lee-Lonn!

It was a two day shoot and I had the most fun EVER.
The video release party is next week and I can't wait to see the finished product!
If you are in Houston, drop by the video release party and say HI! I will be there!
As soon as I get a link of the video, I will post it!

Here is my favorite performance shot:)
Pics from Lee-Lonn and Carey Fagan Photography

I'm so anxious and excited!

(More wedding and honeymoon pics/posted coming:)


Sing said...

Congrats, that is really cool!

Jada said...

Congrats to you! :)

LA Lynn's said...

Whoaaaa... that is AWESOME!!!! Congrats to youuuu!!!!

Chastity Garner said...

Congrat chica! The song is hot!!!

CheapChic&Curvy said...

Congrats on the great opportunity! I hate I won't be in town to check out this event! Btw isn't Xpozher great?!

P.S. Congrats on the recent nuptials!

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