ATLANTA, Here We Come!

Headed to ATL in a few hours!

The official meet up to meet SFAM  will be at the Glady Knight Chicken and Waffles in Atlanta!
We've never been and when isn't it a good time to have Chicken and Waffles?
Since we aren't from ATL...we figured we could get a good idea of the best thrift shop to go to from there!

Sounds like a plan?? GOOD!

Time: 12:30, Saturday, September 17
Place: Glady's Knight Chicken and Waffles
529 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
Just look for us...we'll be the chicks laughing loudly!

Thrift with SFAM right after lunch!

Tweet me for whereabouts and updates!
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(I'll be looking for the nearest Weight Watchers location right after the chicken and waffles! LOL)


Sing said...

Ohhh I love Glady's Knights, so yummy. Ya'll have fun for me!

Anonymous said...

I've been there and waited 3 hours for that yummy goodness that is Chicken and Waffles. I hope you ladies have a good time!

Elaine said...

How fun!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! So excited for you. Have fun!

simplychic said...

enjoy atl and those chicken and waffles!! they also make a mean smothered chicken and gravy. dang now i'm getting hungry.

a.chigozie said...

i know you're heading to glady's, but busybee's is the best, IMO!! so stop there and hopefully also stop by Spelman College and take pictures of my fashionable Spelman sisters :-)

drollgirl said...

so there are chicken and waffle joints in places OTHER than los angeles?! i do declare. i had no idea.

wish i could join you all! seriously!!!

LA Lynn's said...

I will see you Sista's in a few short hours!!!! Unfortunately, I won't be able to stay long... I have a mission to feed the homeless tomorrow but I'm NOT going to pass up the opportunity to meet you ladies!!!! C YA SOON!


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