GFS Featured on BlogHer

Thank you to BlogHer for choosing me as their Featured Blogger for a few weeks in the Style section!
This makes me feel much cooler than I really am!
Welcome to everyone visiting!
Take a tour of my blog and leave comments!
We're friendly around these parts:)

Now excuse me while I go perform a Janet Jackson video routine.
(I do that when I'm  happy:)

Check out BlogHer here!


GFS said...

YAY! That's awesome!

GFS said...

Congrats on your shoutout.

GFS said...

Congratulations Reiko!! You, my dear, are the rock star!!!!

GFS said...

Awww congrats Reiko!! When I grow up I wanna be just like you lol


GFS said...

They should TOTALLY be thaking you...for allowing them to showcase your FABNESSNESS :-) *hugz*

GFS said...

Yay you! Congrats firecracker! #ohyoufancyhuh

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