I'm In Miami!

Not really.
Right outfit.
Wrong city.
I SHOULD be in Miami though.
The fedora.
The slight hooch dress with a cover up.
Neon pink shoes.

Instead I'm in Houston.
No beach (with blue water atleast).
Actually, I went to Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store, and my mom's house.
Like I said...I should be in Miami.

 Men's chambray shirt: Thrift Store
Tank dress: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara
Men's Fedora: The Gap


GFS said...

Fab as usual! I am loving the fedora with this outfit! I should be in Miami too...*sigh*

Sunny LouisvilleSlugger said...

Miami its the best, isn't it? *drifts off into a daydream*

I love the shoes!

GFS said...

I wish that I would run into you one of these days when I am in Houston. I would be like "O.M.G.-ITS REIKO!" and snap a few photos like a crazed fan. I will probably be going to Datts It Restaurant thursday to try it out. I have to find a new soul food restaurant because my fave soul food spot has gotten on my bad side with their bad service. Maybe-just maybe I will see you around. I hope! LOL!


GFS said...

Miami would be nice right now. I think youre wearing the perfect outfit to shop the Dollar Tree :)

GFS said...

Lookin fresh to deaf. Love that fedora.

GFS said...

Very cute look, yeah being in Miami right now would be nice and the outfit I am sure would be prefect!!!!

Carsedra of:



GFS said...

YES!! You look so Miami ready! If you go, take me with you, lol. And to think that you didn't want to get that chambray shirt...smh.

GFS said...

Aren't you proud of me!?! I didn't wear it as a dreSs like I threatened! Lol (that's next week) www.godsfavoriteshoes.com
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

LOL, I am proud of you, but I will be looking forward to it next week ;-)

GFS said...

I am hysterical at "I should be in Miami" but you look very chic running errands and visiting mom!

Miesha Roshawn said...

I'm dying over here! I thought you were really on vaca lol! Nice thought though :-)

GFS said...

Girl you had me going! I totally thought you were in Miami lol! Either way, Houston or Miami you look fierce hunty!

GFS said...

Well, you may not be in Miami, but you look good girl. I love that Zara bag...I saw another blogger with it and it is really cute. Neat to see how different people style it. The pink shoes are too cute and colorful!

GFS said...

Reiko I love this post, lol. Hooch dress, not hardly! It's hot as hell these days! I want those shoes! Yes, yes, yes:) We shoukld both be in Miami! I need that purse too!

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