Tune In!

I very rarely say this but TUNE IN to BET Today at 5pm!
(Don't get me started on TV programming)
For an excellent reason!
Remember, Leelonn...my client?
I was the wardrobe stylist for his first video.
He lets me pick out his clothes whenever I want to.
He sang at my wedding.

He is a contestant on Wild Out Wednesdays on 106 & Park.
He is probably on his way to the BET studios as I type!
Tune in!
Check your listings and most importantly VOTE!
He deserves it!
He is so talented and motivates me more whenever I get anxious about my career.
He trusted me to style his video just on faith, even when I told him that I was inexperienced.
He still encouraged me.
Most importantly, he is a pure, gentle spirit.

Watch. Enjoy. VOTE!
(You can text your vote or download the BET 106 & Park App/vote online)

(If you're in Houston, I will see you at his Watch Party at Avant Garden!)
P.S...if you're from Houston, then you probably know that today, June 27th, is an "unofficial Houston holiday" and why this is the perfect day for him to perform.

Here is his video if you don't remember:)

(Pic taken months ago after a show)


GFS said...

he does sound so cool and I like the video!!!
you have been so lucky to have him at your wedding tough!! :-)

Love, Ylenia from Longuette

GFS said...

Woop woop!!!! What a fabulous opportunity! You did a great job on styling him and I hope he wins.

09 10