Another Video: Trends and Tangents!

Apparently you guys enjoy hearing the"southerness" from us!
Juanette and I start talking about trends, the expectations of a style blogger and end up talking about dating.
The connection? 
There isn't one. 
And that's normal for us:)

The next videos are about how we thrift and what we look for when we thrift.
Stay tuned!


GFS said...

I definitely love watching you guys talk. It's like watching me and my friends haha There is a shortage of tall men everywhere! I have been looking and looking, but when I find a good tall man, he usually turns out to be...well, I'm still single so there's your clue

GFS said...

You two are a perfect pair lol...Your accents are awesome!

GFS said...

Juanette: I like the way my boobs look in this.. I'm enjoying it! And the face you made in response to that...

GFS said...

Reiko i love your hair, how do you style it that way? what products do you use?

GFS said...

You two are adorable! Just moved to the Dallas area from Oklahoma....I'll be watching for you two including you Reiko when you are in Dallas.

I'll pray for Juanette's husband. There's this really good looking man at the front of my neighborhood. I'll have to check it out and see if he's married.

Now, I love how y'all said, "Amen. In Jesus's name......what the hell." Sorry, that gave me a great laugh!

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