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Are you working in a field/career that "fulfills" you? (This does not pertain to hobbies)
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It seems like I am having this conversation a lot lately, so I thought I would ask you:)
Feel free to elaborate in the comments.


GFS said...

I haven't quite started working yet. I'll be starting medical school this fall, so I'm working towards my purpose. Ask me in a few months how I feel lOl.

GFS said...

I'm in grad school pursuing a masters in social work. Social work is definitely my calling, and I look forward to working in that field. Right now I work part-time in a library. It's okay, and it definitely helps pay the bills.

GFS said...

I'm intrigued by your question. I was at that point this time last year, working as a Coordinator in a Substance Abuse program. It was a very demanding job. I used to say I love what I do I just hate where I'm doing it. I resigned. I am now working on my Doctorate in Formational Counseling, focusing on trauma in women and children. I'm loving my new life. I became a first time grandmother two weeks ago. I'm happy to have the time to spend with my grandson. Money is a little tight but I trust God with my future.

Tammie said...

I am extremely methodical about my employment decisions. So I don't know if enjoying work is an option for me. It's more of am I making a salary that I can live on? Am I being paid more for my skills and experience and less for the actual work I put out. I also want to work in an environment where I am treated fairly.
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GFS said...

I love what I do just not where I do it.

GFS said...

This is a great discussion topic... I love what I do, but I also feel like I'm not fulfilling my "life's purpose."

What about you?

Also, I really like the header for your blog--it's quirky, adorable, and inventive in my opinion :)


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