The Struggle!

Quite honestly, I struggled to even put this outfit together.
It's nothing earth shattering but I'm hellbent on not buying maternity clothes. 
I've been going through spastic stages this week.
I want to get rid of everything in my closet. 
I've decided that I don't have enough color in my wardrobe. 
Too much gray and black. 
So I believe I'm about to go on a "get rid of a lot of stuff spree."
Don't even get me started on my hair. 
Today I'm wearing a wig.
Tomorrow, I'm getting braids. 
I'm all over the place. LOL!

10 more weeks to go! 

 (I got a new camera for Valentine's day and still learning the settings. Sorry for the crazy lighting)

Top: From Zara
Maternity Jeans: From H&M (I bought two maternity items this whole pregnancy)
Converse Sneakers

Pregnancy Moment: Last week I was so sleepy when I woke up, when I got to work, I cried because I was still sleepy. Seriously. That's how serious the sleep is around these parts! I am even willing to skip meals to take naps.


GFS said...

Too cute!

GFS said...

Lord, I remember wanting to close my eyes at r ed lights! It only gets better.....at least that's what they say.....my son is five now.....I'm waiting....

GFS said...

Yes! That's how I feel! Lol!!!

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liz said...

Your almost there & you look too cute

GFS said...

WOW!!! Totally admiring the fact that you've only purchased two maternity items during this whole pregnancy. Girl, you should get an award, or at least teach some classes. You're one of 3 bloggers I follow that is pregnant now. I am definitely taking notes for when I'm the lord blesses me with a baby. You look great!!!

7eventh Letter

GFS said...

you're almost there! btdub, you are too fab prego...i got into it lOl.

Chastity Valentine said...

Girl I'm catching up on ur posts...ur freaking hilarlious. I'm loving u keeping it real!!!! Congrats Im so happy for you. You look adorable!!!!

GFS said...

loving this color on you. And please do not get rid of any of your clothes. I repeat: do not! You will regret it the minute the baby is delivered...And consider that until that kid of yours is out of the house when she turns 18 (and even then it is not sure...my Mom still misses sleep because of me), you will never get enough sleep. Motherhood does that to you.

Timeka Winters said...

Love it!!! I am loving your post about pregnancy!!! I'm dying at your preggo moment about crying when you got to work cause you were still sleepy. I am with you on that one mam!!! I am 4mths this week and I get angry at my alarm every morning!!!!!

GFS said...

Reiko, get ready! I remember this like it was yesterday. The good thing is, you get used to running on zombie.

You look adorable. Almost there!!

GFS said...

Aww...I am so sorry that you are sleepy. You are in a fantasy right now. A girl like you deserves all that you want and need. Contact us in the week 11 through 20 and tell us how sleepy you are. Welcome to the club babe. Congrats.

GFS said...

Lol! Thank you! I'm not ready for zombie status though :)

GFS said...

I stayed home a much as I could while I was pregnant, other than work and church when I get up in months I only when out to go the store. Sleep was my BEST friend and my bed my lover, I slept, ate french fries (with lots of ketchup) and strawberries/pineapples and slept some more!!! LOL!!!! Oh and don't get me started on clothes. I was pregnant during the summer (HOT) and I had I think 3 pairs of maternity pants I wore all the time, other than that I was wearing sundresses and pants from my mom closet (when she was heavier) with the elastic waste. My son is eight now but I still remember my pregnancy, maybe that's why I don't want to have anymore kids, HA LOL!!!

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GFS said...

lol. you are the cutest thing!! 10 weeks! only 10 weeks! whoa!!!!! the baby is a' coming and life is going to chance a whole lot! in a good way. :)

sometimes i dream that i am tired. i am not kidding. i am thinking while sleeping that i AM SO TIRED and that i need more sleep. and then the stupid alarm goes off and the prophecy is ordained. UGH.

GFS said...

Girl, I FEEL YOU ON THE SLEEP THING!! I used to cry all the time at work because I was so TIRED!!! Having a baby at 36 was no joke!! But now, I could not live without her

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