Well, Hello There!

I'm just going to get right to it! I just realized that I mentioned this news on Facebook and Instagram weeks ago...(Do you follow me?) but I just realized that I didn't share it with you guys!
I am pregnant again!
17 weeks today!
And it's a boy!
The first trimester was TERRIBLE! I hated it so much! But the second trimester is allowing me to be productive. I have been SUPER stressed out about my job and other things so I've been trying to keep myself in check.
I'm a lot more laid back this time around when it comes to getting prepared. No rush. I've been here before. The baby is due in August. In TEXAS. That means HEAT. HOT! SAUNA!
Just thought I would let you know!
By the way, Zara is doing great! She will be 2 in May and we decided to not have a party this  year.  Minnie Mouse cupcakes at home should do the trick.
And if you would do me a solid...could you please click this link to answer a quiz survey for me!
(Feel free to share the link to any of your working friends/associates between the ages 25-55)
Here is the link again....
And thanks to Shanda Ferguson ( @_shandart on Instagram) for this beautiful illustration!!!! I just love her! (The pic and Shanda!)

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