God's Favorite Shoes

First of all, let me clarify the title of my blog! I was really trying to think of a name and of course you have to think of something catchy. Well ultimately, this blog will be mostly about Clothes because I love them. I am broke as Brokeback Mountain but I'm in love with clothes...but I'll get to that later.

I thought for a while and knew that the title of my blog had to be catchy, somewhat witty and relatively short because everyone suffers from A.D.D. and/or a short attention span these days. I have a habit of only buying things that I LOVE...I don't buy shoes that I don't love and that got me to thinking...What if God had a favorite pair of shoes!?!?! What would they look like! If God were allowed to be vain for just 5 minutes, what would he grab out of a burning house!And voila...GOD'S FAVORITE SHOES was born!

This blog is primarily my own brainchild because I love to write and I love fashion...and to be quite honest...my life is a reality show! MTV should follow me around for one day with just an old school handheld camera and I guaran-darn-tee that there would be footage for a whole season. My friends are always telling me that I should write stories because I swear to you... there is always something going on with me and quite honestly...I think I am God's comic relief.

So my ultimate goal is to talk about my favorite things like Oprah but I'm just a younger, poorer...okay....alot poorer version of her...but don't expect any give aways! I can't even give me away these days.

So...in essence, I'll focus on clothes...things I love, things I covet, things I can't have, looks I am trying to achieve but also total randomness about me because trust me, my life orbits in random patterns.

I'll probably talk more about clothes than "fashion" because I'm not a namebrand snob but I do like nice things. I don't own very many namebrand items but the few I do own are worth worshipping!

I will also keep you abreast of my favorite things, favorite quotes and the like...we'll see how far the ride takes us!

(by the way...you will notice alot of these "..." because it's a habit and overall serves a great purpose. Plus, my whole life could be summed with "..." As a matter of fact, my tombstone should just read my Name and '...' because there is totally too much to explain!) Don't say I didn't warn you though:)


shel said...

I love the intro.

divagonewild said...

Hello from the Burg. You go girl!! I love the name. Lord knows I could open my own store with shoes and clothes all by myself, only I make them

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