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Okay, So I have been searching for a suit because I'm trying to UPGRADE (as Beyonce' would say) my wardrobe. I haven't worn a suit in years and needed one badly. These two come from Banana Republic and the darker suit is quite pricey...according to MY dwindling bank statements but definitely worth every penny.

I love rocking a classic look with funky jewelry or something unexpected. For me, imagine rocking these suits with an afro puff (as I do) and hoop earrings and some fierce shoes!! I especially love pencil skirts on women with curves (obviously these models need to eat). I'll aspire to find pictures of real women on the streets of Houston who work all kinds of styles but right now I'm all about the classic yet slightly untraditional suit...Can't you just picture a metallic gold clutch with this!! LOVES IT!

Side note...I am going to Jill Scott's concert in a few days and have contrived a wonderful outfit in my head. It consists of a gray pinstriped pencil skirt worn with a "wife beater" (isn't that just an awful name for an article of clothing!). Really, it's a ladies white tank top from Target...I love the Mossimo Tanks(pictured above) and how they fit. (The key to a good tank top is to make sure it is a long and lean cut...trust me, you'll thank me)

I am thinking I will rock one of my few designer shoes...correction...my ONLY designer shoes...my red/black Marc Jacobs pumps (pictured above), red bracelets, afro puff, big silver hoops and a red clutch. How does that sound? By the way, don't sleep on TARGET! One day, I'll go to Target and do a "schtick" on how to find pieces there...they are the poor girl's Neiman Marcus:)

Anywho, the outfit for the concert sounds great in my head but we'll see. I wish I had some PLUM heels, clutch and accessories...that would just set it off! I am a big believer in wearing a pop of color with everything. I hate "matchy match" type outfits...Yuck. We'll see about the "concert outfit" though because if my Spanx aren't cooperating, that pencil skirt will NOT be worn! Every woman should own Spanx...They saved my life!
(That should be title of Trina or Missy Elliot's next hit..."SPANX SAVED MY LIFE") If Lil Wayne is considered a lyrical genius rapping about Lolipops, I know the Spanx song would be a hit. Alicia Keys can sing the hook since I know she wears them...did you see her accidentally flash her Spanx at the BET awards a few days ago? If she has access to trainers and chefs and she still believes in a girdle...EVERY WOMAN SHOULD!

Anyway, I digress...you'll find out that I tend to do that quite often:)

Back to the Jill Scott concert...I'll post a picture of the outfit if I wear it. I conjure up ideas all the time in my head but they often only work on other people other than me!

I just recently bought a suit similar to the picture above and must find all ways to rock it! Everything in my closet must have the potential to be repurposed! I don't have money to throw away.

***Side note: A pencil skirt must narrow around the knees in order to be called a PENCIL skirt! Just so you know, I wear a size 12.. so I wouldn't tell you anything that would not flatter the curvy woman's body. Sure, a size 2 is probably an easier palet to work with but curves just makes the difference between a girl and a WOMAN's body...as Raheem Devaughn's song "WOMAN" plays in the background! LOL!

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shel said...

Way to go again. You should shop for people, especially for special occasions. I can't wait on the Target blog. I love them.

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