So, I have always dabbled in thrift stores or "vintage" stores as I like to call them. Everything from the 80's are coming back in style anyway but I personally like the 50's, 60's, and 70's look. Well, anywho...I decided to dabble back into my few "secret" retro-vintage-thrift stores and came up with what I think are cute finds.

I hate wearing what everyone else is wearing and one way to avoid that is to dig out old clothes. I came across a few pieces for great prices and decided to update them. Actually, I can't take credit for that even..one of my friends gave me the great idea to alter clothes to update the look. So, I found a few great pieces and how them shortened. I traditionally am a lover of long "maxi" dresses but Houston's heat has me looking into anything that gives these legs some air. I also wanted to post a pic of how some things look one way on a hanger but have a whole different meaning on the body.

Ok. So the Khaki one with the belt was labeled as an 80's Khaki dress...It was much longer but I had it made into a Mini... I found my old trusty brown Obi inspired belt and threw on some espadrilles...and I have a whole new outfit for 11 bucks...well 22 bucks counting the ten for alterations. Notice how it looks so much different on the hanger than when I put it on...Little things like changing the length or changing buttons on a piece can make a world of difference.

I also posted some pics of shoes that would look great with my Vintage wear if I actually owned them:( A girl can dream)

Always try to find accessories that jazz up an outfit. Mix high end pieces with low end pieces (I don't have any High end pieces but if I did...best believe that I would mix it up.) Trust me there are some great finds in the resale shops...I actually am "living within my means" when I go there...I have no business shopping at anything other than Target and resale shops.

P.S....Disclaimer...I am not claiming to be the biggest baddest chick when it comes to clothes but everybody claims to be an authority on something or other...I figure I am an authority on what works for me) And it might just work for you. You can take it or leave it. If it helps...great...if it doesn't, then you can laugh at me on the inside. Either way, I wouldn't lose much sleep:)

P.P.S....If you happen to run into me in the street and I look like a buster...trust me when I say that I KNOW the rules even if I am slumming it that day:) Toodles


shel said...

okay, i used to frequent the vintage shops too. so, please clue me in on some of the hidden spots. especially since i am close to montrose/westhiemer where there are a lot of them.

shel said...

i soo love the shoes.

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