So I finally made it to HOTLANTA! I will be honest, I was more focused on the shopping than I was touring the city.
I will say that the Martin Luther King Center needs to be upgraded and those King children need to stop pocketing all that money and pay for some lawncare up in that piece, they ought to be ashamed of themselves for letting the place go like it is....but I digress...
I read in my favorite magazine, Lucky Magazine, about all the places to find great boutiques and vintage stores in the ATL. Plus Atlanta just built not one but TWO...ah ah ah ah...(a little Count Dracula from Sesame Street humor)...H&M Stores. So I had to make it there.
The boutiques were in area called Little Five Points. Great Stuff! I discovered The Clothing Wharehouse that was this super organized and color coordinated store. The whole store was organized by color which made it very easy to find great clothes.
I stumbled across the Green Dress, the Blue and White Striped Dress and the Blue/Purple Flowered Dress there!! They looked to be all made in the 70's and I have no idea why but clothes cut back in the day fit me better...none of this European sizing crap of today:)
I fell absolutely in love with the Striped dress and I got it for 10 bucks because there were a few stains on there that I have to Pray to the Dry Cleaner GODS about getting out...but I have faith. The blue/purple dress fits like a dream...no alterations needed. I just have to find some cute belts for all the dresses..I'm thinking a cute Dark brown Wide buckled belt will do and a big Red one for the blue/purple dress.
I also added this pic of the black flowered dress that I got here in Houston for 20 odd bucks and had it turned into a mini...One problem...it is Poly-Freakin-Esther and is flaming hot! Not hot as in I am too cute but Hot as in I need some mini-fans on me all times to rock this dress! But I will not let that deter me...there is a time and season for everything. Unfortunately Houston only has one season...HOT...so I have to wait til Feb to rock this joint...Oh but rest assured, I will rock it.

The whole point in my bantering about these finds is the simple fact that I KNOW no one will be running around with these same pieces and they were all ridiculously affordable.
I'll post pics of me actually wearing these outfits eventually...but first I must invest in a digital camera. These camera phone pics are a little embarrassing but I've got to start somewhere.
I really wish someone would pay me to style them or shop for them...That would make me seem less of a psycho and more of a "professional".

I am officially apologizing for the "boot-leggedness" of my pictures...My only tools are my camera phone and poor bathroom lighting.
So forgive me if you happen to see a roll of toilet paper lurking in the corners or even the reflection of my dog in some pics...I'm working with what I have until the Lord Upgrades me:)
...and if God is listening to meaningless banter tonight... I'd also would love a mannequin bust to display clothes...Amen


shel said...

hello, i need you to shop fo me. you think it's a joke.

shel said...

why aren't my comments showing?

Juanette said...

I just scored a mannequin bust from a store that was going out of business for $15 BUT it doesn't have a stand which is what I really wanted but que sera sera, I'm happy (for now)......

Anonymous said...

i am off for a snow day so I am looking back on posts I missed:) I live in Atlanta and boy the allergies would not allow me to partake in the fun at The Clothing Warehouse! The hubby found a great Member's Only jacket in there! Maybe I can wear a mask next time, but that would be embarrassing:(

And... you are totally right @ those King children! They need to get it together! All the fighting and bickering- tsisk,tsisk, tsisk! If they ever get done with the moument in DC I think it will be even better! It is DC right? I'm taking meds round the clock for allergies so I am a little out of it today!

Anonymous said...

Ohh and you can always shop for me:) Anytime! Haven't seen anything yet that I didn't like on the blog!

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