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If you were trying to leave a comment on a blog before and wasn't able to...it was because I am a loser.

I was having technical difficulties but you can leave them now...I hope:)

By the way...I know this blog won't save the world or even save gas for that matter, it's just something to do.

I could be out smoking crack or stealing a husband or switching price tags on shoes because I can't afford them or anything for recreation but I figured I would talk about clothes instead:)

I got options baby! Smile...God loves you:)

P.S...I haven't read The Secret or The Purpose Driven Life but I think I know enough about both. Basically, the goal is to think of a goal, write the goals down and speak it into existence.

So here's my scaled down version of just that....I want to blog so well that people will love it, then somebody will know somebody that knows somebody that will know someone who will approach me about a book. Then the book will spun a career as a stylist and ultimately The Lifetime Movie network will buy the rights to my book which will spun a miniseries called God's Favorite Shoes. Then Oprah will call me and feature me as not only the book of the week but also on a Makeover show...

Basically, I'll be a black version of Candace Bushnell aka Carrie Bradshaw aka Sex in the City aka...PAID!

Ok...Ready, Set, Go!..............Amen!


Anonymous said...

...And here I was thinking that I was the only Black Beauty running around here that has a love for vintage clothing. I love your posts and I love you style. Keep it coming!


Rae Rae

Reiko! said...

Thank you Rae for reading! And I am with you on the bombshell look....that is so cute:)

09 10