I Want That!!

Everyone has a personal style. The problem is achieving that looking within your budget...if you have one like me. I stumbled across pictures of Tracee Ellis Ross from Girlfriends. If I had to channel one particular character or person for whom I love all their clothes, it would definitely be Joan from Girlfriends. The mix of Boho Chic and classic styles are the only reasons I watched the show. Often I would watch the show on mute purely so I can check out the clothes.

Anywho, it got me to thinking about style icons. I feel like I am pretty consistent in what I like...it is either really classic or really bohemian...the mixing of the two is just the coup de grâce!

So for pure amusement and to give you an idea of what I love, I threw a bootleg montage of looks that I love! If I could have the wardrobe of Joan Clayton on Girlfriends and ALL of Lana Turner's clothes in Imitation of Life, you wouldn't be able to tell me nuffin!

...laa la la la...wait til I get my MONEY right...la la la la...you won't be able to tell me nothing right (a little Kanye West for you to get my point point across:)

I slipped in some pics of Lana Turner, Dorothy Dandridge and Beyonce'...I am not a huge fan of Beyonce's personal style because it involves way too much gold and studs but clearly her mama didn't style her this day...because that Purple dress is FIERCE and I worship it! And the Alicia Keys pic is strictly because that dress is SOO me! I love it!

Who is your style icon? Past, present, dead, alive, famous, friend or family?

I wish I could be this excited about writing papers for my grad classes...not to fret though because Oprah is going to call me any day to do a feature on me......she's just busy right now with those kids in Africa...but she's gon' call soon...as soon as she gets off the phone with Gayle?!?


Anonymous said...

Your style has grown on me and I am starting to appreciate it more and more each day. Keep it pushin' and continue to amaze me. Another thing for me to love in my chocolate skin woman!

Sean Kyle

shel said...

i love her style too. i also like your do in that recent pic of you.

shel said...

oh yeah, old dude was sooo wrong for laughing at that caller. :)

09 10